Monday, July 03, 2006



Chris Pronger is currently doing a conference call on 630 Ched. Make sure to check it out, so that you can hear a man saying a lot of absolutely nothing.

***Update*** Whew. That was an extraordinary feat. I wonder if they hired someone from the Bush White House to prep him? I kept waiting for him to pull out the "national security" line.


The only security he should be worried about is his own. He's going to be a target next year, no question.

I don't think Pronger's overly worried about being a target on the ice, assuming (and I hope) that's what you meant. The Sharks made a point of running him, got them nowhere. He's basically unrunnable, unless you catch him in a bad position (rare). BG is unrunnable enough, and Pronger's bigger and faster.

Plus, the Oilers only play them 4 times, and I doubt most of the other teams care about him very much.

So is the Brutus press conference / conference call scheduled for tomorrow still on? What a slippery weasel...

- Rod

I've been wondering the same thing. Since he apparently said today that it's personal and nobody's business, I don't see what the point would be.

I've stopped caring what the reason is. He's dead to me, just like every other ex-Oiler.

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