Monday, July 10, 2006


"And I Love Edmonton"

Thanx to Jesse for this link. It will indeed warm Sacamano's heart.

Oh, yeah. $6 million a year for Martin Havlat? Hey, Kool-Aid!!!


This makes me happy as well. I hope Dvorak returns.

Wait, an NHL player is suggesting that Rich Winter might have stretched the truth somewhat? Dear lordy, can such a thing be possible?

I forget how this ruse works. Which one is more likely to be fibbing, Good Cop or Bad Cop?

My guess is that D-Vo and his agent found out the hard way that there is next to no interest in him on the open market.

he still has cement hands

sorry, everyone

skates like nobody's business but can't buy a goal.

alex - that is right on the money

uh, Kevin, you know that paycut we were discussing - turns out I'll take that after all

Good news everybody, we just got Jan Hejda. He's been playing with Ales Pisa overseas so you know he's gonna be good.

Man I seem to have taken on a rather negative tone lately... this has been a rough offseason.

My guess is that D-Vo and his agent found out the hard way that there is next to no interest in him on the open market.

The problem is, this requires you to rule out the mutually exclusive "possibility" that Winter is just a huge douche. Two plus two, last time I checked, still made four. The dude has an established track record of putting words in players' mouths.

cosh - an agent a douche? I find that hard to believe

actually yours is not the first comment I've seen defending Dvo and slamming Winter for this tactic - examples? anyone?

Well, to take the most notorious example, Winter persuaded Grant Fuhr to retire in the summer of '89, but when Sather showed Fuhr a file of agent-team correspondence, Fuhr (a) promptly unretired, (b) sacked Winter, and (c) held a press conference to denounce the guy that, to this day, has no equivalent in any sport I'm aware of. Fuhr was quite specifically upset that Winter had turned the city against him for "bargaining" purposes. Plus ├ža change.

[I should add that Winter, for all his egregious faults, is assured of a mildewy, sunken corner in hockey heaven for his lead role in taking down Alan Eagleson.]

It is at least a little odd, though, that no one seemed to be pointing out Winter's duplicity when the story was Dvorak wanted out of Edmonton. Now that he likes us again, though, it's that lying bitch that said all those mean things about us behind his back.

I'd assume the truth is somewhere in the middle; I believe Dvorak when he says he loves Edmonton, but I assume he didn't love us enough to play for less money. Until he found out, of course, that he'd be playing for less money no matter where he went, so he might as well douse that bridge and play for a city he doesn't terribly mind.

Maybe people only started trying to sort out a contradiction when some evidence of a contradiction appeared. I don't find this baffling.

This may be heresy on this site, but I really don't understand the love you guys have for Dvorak. He is something less than an average NHL player.

We had the same player on my team. Great wheels, but could not score to save his life. We called him Shean Donovan.

And nobody cried when he moved on to Boston (I think?).

This may be heresy on this site, but I really don't understand the love you guys have for Dvorak.

I don't love him at all. I could care less if he signs here.

I'm willing to bet Dvorak's better defensively than Donovan.

*waits for Vic to chime in with his magic numbers*

He couldn't be worse than defensively than Donovan, but so what? Since when do the fans get excited about a good back-checker?

I just don't understand the love for this guy. He is a marginal NHL-er who played over his head in one season (see Donovan, Shean). He should be delighted to be employed anywhere in the NHL.

Le GG is another marginal NHLer, but he is a character who is fun to watch and seemed to be a pretty good team guy. I get the love there (Not $1.2 mm a year love, but I get it).

In Dvorak's case, I just can't get it.

blackdog: I just spent entirely too much of my life poking through archives, and dug up more stuff on Winter's shenanigans than anybody should ever have to read. If you're morbidly curious, I posted it on my own blawg, just so as not to fill up the comment space here.

I think it's the "lovable loser" syndrome. He just generates so damned many chances, that he really should be a 20-goal guy, but he can't get it done no matter how hard he tries. It's almost as endearing as it is frustrating, I think. The difference between him and, say, pre-2005 Hemsky is that he doesn't really cost the team defensively when he fucks up.

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