Monday, June 05, 2006


Stanley Cup Finals -- Game 1


Finally! I don't know about the players, but that 11 day hiatus was brutal on this fan. I almost took up gardening.

I have no idea what to expect tonight. Mirtle, IOF, and Mudcrutch, seem have some clue.

From what I've read, Carolina sounds a lot like the teams Edmonton has already beaten -- lots of offence, a great powerplay, some young goaltending that looks to be terrific.

Given that, I'm going to say Edmonton in 6: split on the road, split at home, win in Carolina, raise the cup in Rexall.

Tonight's Prediction: 4-2 Oil (Bergeron, Dvorak, Smyth, Peca empty netter).

Go Oil!


agreed. i think the oiler's mandate is to hit hard in a premediated strategy to get their intensity up. It might mean a few penalities for overagressiveness.

All the talk of long layoffs is meaningless at this stage. 3 rounds in, rest is good.

I predict Oil will lose the Game 1 in OT, but as with Game 1 vs Detroit, it doesn't deflate them.


Pretty damn fine first period, me thinks.

Hemsky looks as if some of the cobwebs have cleared with some of the moves he made (ie. the pass to the point fakeout on the PP, blowing by Brind'Amour).

Picking the Orbs to take the Penalty Shot was some inspired coaching. Inspired, I tell you.

He is now 1/1 alltime.


Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Conkyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!


That would be ironic. This whole escapade coming full circle with disappointing losses squarely on the shoulders of poor goaltending. Anyway, MacT is mostly to blame for the Conklin gaffe, as he's been alternating Markkanen and Conklin every game as the backup, almost tempting fate. If there was any doubt that Conklin will not have anymore of a career, I think it's gone now.

Speaking of disappointing, that had to be one of the most unfortunate losses the Oilers have ever had, this season included. All around stupid, stupid defensive mistakes on the second PP and second PK cost the game.

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