Friday, June 16, 2006


Other Major Winter Sport Update

This is fantastic news:
TSN and the Canadian Curling Association (CCA) today announced a landmark six-year broadcast and multimedia deal, providing TSN with exclusive Canadian rights to Season of Champions events each year, making TSN the one and only home of curling in Canada. The deal commences in 2008 and runs through the 2013/14 season, fortifying TSN's long-standing partnership with the CCA that dates back to the network's inception in 1984.

Under terms of the deal, TSN will carry exclusive coverage of all eight Season of Champions events, including the semis and finals. In addition, along with afternoons and evenings, viewers will be treated to the return of the morning draws.

Mostly-good postscript:
TSN has confirmed that its acclaimed curling broadcast team of Vic Rauter, Linda Moore and Ray Turnbull will continue to call the action for all of the network's curling coverage. Over the years, the trio has created a broad and supportive fan base and their names have become synonymous with curling in Canada.

You could do a lot worse for sure, but Mike Harris has really been growing on me. Ray's sudden retirement could be a win all around.


It is great news. Curling is a terrific TV sport.

Ray's time has passed. Mike Harris is really good, I think, and this is a sport where a "colour guy" really does make a difference.

Is it me, or is Harris a ringer for Dilbert?

I have been bitch slapped down on a board for the term "colour guy" so I think the term "Rock analyst" maybe the mo PC term.

I used to curl alot gave it up. We have fun family games and my Dad bitches me out that missed the broom. Jeebus I touch a rock every three years and I am supposed to remember all the mechnaics of the delivery.

It's definitely not just you, Tom...

Harris, unlike most ex-goalies, has actually gotten MORE enjoyable as he's gotten more comfortable in the booth. He can say something pretty counterintuitive about the way the end is shaping up and back it up in about 8 seconds. There's something edifying about being absolutely positive that the colour guy knows more about the sport than you do.

This thread is an effort to scare of Carolina posters, am I correct? Come to think of it, the hurricane logo resembles an artistic mock up of a curling rock. Hm... can the oilers "steal" another two??

Commence hockey commentary using curling lingo... now.

now we just need tsn and sportsnet to wrestle more hockey coverage away from CBC.

honestly, sportnet and tsn's regular season shows were way better than HNIC.

well, and we all know how CBC is doing on playoff coverage.

Awesome. Matt managed to find a BoA topic in which Edmonton is even more oppressively dominant. (Fine with me--just as long as he keeps picking Dvorak.)

The CBC is hemhorraging sports!

The premature cover outweighs pretty much everything, including several planets of our solar system--never mind a certain trivial amount of overconfident behaviour on the part of Oiler fans. GANBATTE OIRASU.

Shouldn't there be a gameday post up for Game 6 by now? The traffic is already clogging 66th street at the 'Mud.

Or has the karma-tempting consequences been discarded now that apparently a lazy editor has already typed up his copy?

Geesh, why didn't Ike think to just give up when the Chicago Tribune went to print?

Ike, Harry, what's the difference, right?

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