Friday, June 02, 2006


Helpful Tips for the Trip South

The Acid Queen acts as tour guide for Oilers fans planning on making the trip to Raleigh for the finals.

Most helpful hint --

8) If you are coming down from Canada, PLEASE HAVE YOUR PASSPORT WITH YOU if you intend to buy alcohol--Canadian drivers' licenses aren't acceptable for alcohol sales in North Carolina.


I went to school in NC. It's been a few years, but I believe they have a law where open containers of alcohol are allowed in moving vehicles so long as the driver does not partake.

Yay Carolina and their wacky drinking laws!

Thank you for highlighting what's probably the most important part of that post, sac--North Carolina is the strictest state in the nation with regards to acceptable forms of ID when buying alcohol (or smokes or lottery tix). I mean, they actually have it spelled out in state law what forms of ID are acceptable, and our state's Alcohol Law Enforcement agents take it a step further by telling all their retailers what the boundaries of the law are. So a driver's license is OK, but ONLY if it's from one of the 50 US States or DC. And it can't be a learner's permit, either, unless it's a North Carolina-issued one.


sorry to tell you, but that law changed a long time ago.

no open containers in a vehicle. If they see one on a traffic stop, the driver gets breathalyzed.

Don't drink and drive down here.

But there's plenty of places to drink and then have someone else drive.

Come on down, just follow Her Majesty's rules and you'll be fine.

no open containers in a vehicle. If they see one on a traffic stop, the driver gets breathalyzed.

But what happens if he passes the breathalyzer? Free to continue?

I know you can't drink and drive, but the rule I was citing was about being a passenger and drinking.

As I said, though, those were college days, so we might have been testing the legal waters. Or other liquids.

oh. the driver will still be cited for an open container violation.

Open container ANYWHERE inside the vehicle is a violation. If you are toting, for example, a bottle of liquor that has been previously opened, you need to store it in the trunk of the vehicle.

Stand corrected.

Yay Carolina and their wacky drinking law reform!

and yes you can get drinks with proper id (passport NOT required)

Might not want to tell NC Alcohol Law Enforcement that--and trust me, they'll be out in force.

But hey, what do I know--I just have a yob that requires me to jump through all the ALE's little hoops.

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