Monday, June 19, 2006


Game 7

The winner will be showered with praise; the loser will be taunted and booed until my throat is sore! - Homer Simpson

That's about it from my perspective, except for maybe the showered with praise part. I know how Chris! feels; the magnitude of the moment is almost overshadowed by its finality. It's not win and move on, it's not win and live for another day; it's over, one way or another.

I have no sense at all about how the game will go, except that Carolina will certainly be better than they were in Game 6; as we've seen all playoffs long, momentum is critically, terribly important -- until the moment it changes, which can happen in the space of about two shifts.

Since late Saturday night, I've been emotionally preparing myself for the disgusting image of Michael Peca hoisting the Big Trophy wearing the oil drop. (I can't analogize this as I'd like to -- something to do with the boss firing you, and when you get home to tell your wife, he's in bed with her). I'm trying to see the upside: the happiness of Oilfan friends, real and virtual, is pretty much the only thing I can think of; if I thought Darryl Sutter could go about his business in an even more focused and pissed-off fashion, I'd add that. I'm ready.

That said, Dear Hockey Gods: if I have to see 6 to 1 later tonight, please let it refer to the score of tonight's game, Home vs. Visitors. Amen.



Bitter Matt... lets see how it goes, all Flame Fan friends are pissed cuz it has gone 7. Now they are all being haters... just reminds me that the Oilers don't have "Red Hot" video in their closet

okay, a shout out for all the Oiler's bloggers for a great team effort:

Sacamano - for paying any price to win (watching a Lindsay Lohan movie)

Mudcrutch, dennis at vhockey - for the constant barrage of statistical faith for us all to lean on

Loxy and others - for their almost frightening sexual obsession with the Oilers

Lowetide - for channeling Stan Weir

And Matt -- for all your attempted jinxes.

Uh... Namflashback, could I get a little credit for my own personal sexual obsession with the Oilers? It's all there in the subtext.

Then there's Grabia. Sweet mother of god, there's Grabia.

(I guess "Great Odin's raven, there's Grabia" works better, but I was just freestylin')

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Wow. What can I say, this is crazy. If you can imagine the look on the gynecologist's face after her first ever examination of Rosie O'Donnel, then that's how I'm feeling about these finals. Not as nauseous, but definately just as jaw-droppingly shocked.

From barely making the playoffs to beating the #1 team in the league, then down 3-1 in the finals but gaining the momentum for game 7, this Oiler team is like a bug you hit with your shoe over and over, yet it just keeps crawling out, still alive and shitting all over your feet. I honestly thought they were done for after Rollie's injury, but Jussi has made some Stanley cup worthy saves - where the hell did he learn to do that?

This is the first series that I've watched a lot of Oiler games, so I don't know if they've played this good the entire playoffs... if they have then nobody can say they don't deserve to win. It's certainly been a fairly exciting finals. (e.g. "Wow, sweet overtime".... "Wow, did you see what happened in OT?".... "Holy shit! Eric Cole is playing!")

It would be sort of cool to see Brind'amour raise the cup, and Smyth & Pronger are going to get their names on it sooner or later. Hopefully both teams come out flying.

I have tried to get on the Oilers bandwagon, I really have. I just can't. This is the only time I can ever remember thinking about not even watching game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. (I was in Europe in '87, so the option of watching that dreaded game 7 was not an option at all).

I'm sure I will end up watching it and I will applaud the winners. And, win or lose, it has been a great run. I just hope it ends in the same place the Flames great run of '04 ended. And I hope things don't get too stabby tonight on Whyte Avenue.

Go Canes!

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