Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Behind the Blog: Matt and Sacamano

Mr. Sacamano and I are featured today in BtJ's Behind the Blog. Talk about perfect timing: Sacamano has fled Alberta just in advance of his admission that his favourite hockey player ever is Lanny McDonald. This makes me love our banner just that much more (thanks again Andy - who knew?). My own favourite answer:
What first attracted you to the sport of hockey?

Matt: I was going to say that it’s way too long ago to remember, but that’s not quite right. I just was, and am: there was never anything resembling an evaluation or decision-making process. You might as well ask me why I’m heterosexual.

Uh, there's probably a better way to express that. Anyway, thanks Christy!


He's lucky he left town. Lanny McDonald?

If anyone asks, the story is that we sent Sac to Siberia after we found out that he liked Lanny McDonald as his favourite player.

Watching that moustached jackass hooting and hollering like he just scored on a breakaway after the Steve Smith own-goal is enough to keep him in the all-time hated Flames category until I die.

I am gonna shamelessy post this everywhere, because I think it is about time, and because I think it falls to us as Oiler fans to somehow get this on the coaching staff radar. Anyone know Terry Jones?

Schremp, Anyone?

Legends in your own time.

I hope this site's legacy lives on.

Only my hairdresser knows for sure...

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