Monday, May 08, 2006


Uh oh . . .

Grumpy Prefatory Remarks: It is now the second round of playoffs in CBC's 53rd year of broadcasting NHL hockey on television. And yet, they still haven't found a way to consistently post the clock during powerplays. Memo to Nancy Lee: get your head out of your ass!

Whew. Now that I've taken care of that, we can talk hockey.

It has to be said: San Jose is a good team. A really good team. Their forwards can fly, and when they get possession in deep they are awfully tough to move off the puck. Better than their puck possession, though, is how well they all move without the puck; they are always attacking the net. If I didn't hate them so much I'd probably really enjoy watching them. In general, if I didn't have so much emotionally invested in the Oilers, I'd probably really enjoy watching this series. Good skating, hard hitting, very few penalty calls. Who the hell is Tom Preissing, and why does he always seem to be in the action?

I thought that Edmonton a fair number of decent first shots, and Toskala gave up a tonne of Jussi rebounds, but the Oil were always just half a step away from being able to get to them.

The 5 on 3 enraged me beyond belief, and my television was saved only by that scrambly goal just after it ended. Memo to the Oilers: when only one skater on the other team has a stick, you really don't need to pass the puck around the outside--how about taking it to the net?

I know that the trap or press or selective pressure or whatever we are calling this thing, worked pretty well against Detroit; but it was just painful to see those ridiculously young Sharks d-men skate their way out of their own zone with no pressure until the red line. The Oil need to get on these guys a little more often. Of course, it would help if the Oilers remembered how to forecheck. They sure didn't win many battles on the boards. Remember those days the Oilers managed to put up a fair number of shots while being the best team in the NHL at preventing shots? What happened to that team?

I guess the bright light is that, despite being outplayed by a tough, tough team, the Oil were still only one bad penalty away from playing them even on the scoreboard. The burnt out bulb is that I can't see the Oil winning 4 of the next 5 games against this team.


I am despondent. What angers me the most is how indifferent the players and coaching staff seemed in the post-game interviews. And what the hell is the deal with Jarret Stoll letting the refs of the hook in the post-game interviews? He did it on the pick call against Detroit, and then again tonight with the Cheechoo stick steal.

For the record, there should have been another penalty called on the 5 on 3. Hannan broke his stick slashing Ryan Smyth. A total no-brainer ignored by the refs. So much for consistency.

And are any of us calling the CBC? Because we should be.

Damn. Even Torres attempt to injure didn't work!

Things don't look good at all, which according to all hockey logic means we'll win, right?


God, I hope so.

Oh ye of little faith!!! I'm more pumped up than usual. Rexall is going to be rocking and the Oilers are going to get energized because of it and SJ is going to be deflated because they thought their fans with the lame towels were loud. They ain't got sh*t on Oiltown's game!

You know who these Oilers remind me of? The Game 6-7 Flames, that's who. They are chasing the puck all around the rink and can never establish possession effectively.

It's agony to watch when it's your team. I know this all too well from around this time last week.

Conversely, it's fun to watch it when the shoe is on the other foot.

I hate to admit it, but Peter's right. And is there anything worse than being compared to the Calgary Flames? You might as well tell me I have the leadership skills of Paul Martin, kick me in the nuts, have sex with my wife, and call it a day.

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