Monday, May 01, 2006



Just listened to Roger Millions on the radio, live from Anaheim:

Go Flames.


Sutter seems to treat every question from every reporter as a stupid question from a stupid reporter. Who knew they were harvesting geniuses on that Viking farm?

I mean, seriously, you'd think he was addressing an assembly of nitwits at half the press conferences he does. Granted, there are some of them in the sports media, but to act like that to everyone?

(Carlyle seems rather surly himself at times.)

All true, James. Don't know if that was the case today, but Roger Millions IS a paid employee of the club (paid contractor, at least), so I suppose it's possible that he's just apologizing for Sutter's manners, so to speak.

Sutter has gotten away with the surly attitude so far, on account of the club's success, but when things go sour, they are going to go really sour for him.

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