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Oilers-Sharks V


I'm still down in Calgary, and I've gotta say, I love this town. It is chalk full of Oilers fans. When I first arrived on Friday, I turned on my folks' tv, which is approximately the size of a cell phone screen and needs at least 20 minutes to warm up, and the first person I saw through my binoculars was Astrid Kuhn -- the Calgary CBC reporter -- wearing an Oilers sweater. "I just thought it was time to cheer for the Alberta team", she said. Beautiful.

Apparently, like rhuck, most of the city wasn't really interested in cheering for the Flames anyway -- they were just biding their time until the team from the City of Champions could make their run.

I have no comments about the previous game that hasn't already been made by everyone else.

Tonight's game should be a ring a ding dong dandy, to quote another Calgarian who probaby would have been cheering on the Oil, rest his soul.

You have to think that the Sharks are a wee bit rattled. Their coach stupidly yanked their goaltender for . . . what exactly . . . playing behind a soft D? And they can't be happy about the possibility of losing tonight and having to face bedlam at Rexall in a potential series clincher.

Sacamano's Key to the Game: only one key today -- Stan Weir and his Mother

Prediction: 4-2 Oil (D-vo x 2, Torres, Bergeron).

Go Oil!


Well, it does sound like you're a lot safer there. (10 stabbings? TEN?)

Yeah, but a typical Friday night on Whyte ave has about 8, so you can only pin two on the hockey fans

How would you know, Sacamano?

I don't think the Sharks are rattled at all. I think they are cocky bastards. I am developing a serious dislike of these guys.

And I'm a little hurt that my beard mojo isn't considered critical to this game. Does that mean I shouldn't shave it, Sac?

My thinking has evolved on this. I have decided the good folks of Edmonton should have as much fun this spring as Calgary folks had in '04 watching an improbable cup run.

As long as you don't win the Cup or anything at the end.

A reluctant Go Oilers.

>A reluctant Go Oilers.

Thanks, sir.

As long as we stay humble (ie. wishing and thinking about nothing more than a win tonight, for starters).

Is Dvorak back tonight , if so SWEET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Dvorak back tonight

I heard he was probably out for the series, so this might just be force of habit/superstition for sacamano. That said, it should be noted that being in the lineup has never really helped his goal production anyway.

By the end of the evening, fans who had been chanting "Go Oilers Go" were instead screaming "F--- the police!"

Gotta love this town.

Well at least the used in a complete sentence AND went the high road by using "police" instead of "pigs" or "fuzz" (does anyone use that anymore?).

Edmonton, respectful to the end, even with the f---ing police.

Good god, how many penalties can we take? Matt Greene seemed to be on the ice for the entire nerve-shattering second period.

And I guess Raffi Torres is our hitman now?

Ya, just a stupid, stupid penalty. Apparently, the plan was to go back to the gameplan that made us lose the first two games.

Is Greg Millen turning into Bob Cole? #12 is Patrick Marleau, Greg, not Scott Hannan.

Damn. 3-2. So much for a two goal lead to ease my ulcer.

That was phenomenal! He called Marleau "Hannan", what, five times? Hughson didn't correct him, therefore, he wants a new partner in the 3rd round.

Woooooooo!!!!! Fernando Pisani!? 7 goals!

Millen managed to comment on the Horcoff-to-Pisani pass without referring to Horc as Whitey Widing or anything like that, so kudos.

Good old Juha, that's a great line CC.

Well this feels good I gotta say.

This is so much better for my health - two periods + of being on the edge of my seat and then they crush them. Two games in a row.

When is the last time the Oil scored 12 goals in two games?

Man I love how the Oil react after winning these days. About the only guy I saw with even a smile was Stoll -- everyone else still had their business face on.

I wish the yahoos streaming up and down my back alley would act the same way.

Ah, screw it. Whoop it up guys and gals, just try to keep the shiving to a minimum

I think you might be right. It is loud tonight. I mean really loud.

It is the first time I've been able to hear yelling in addition to the honking.

>It is loud tonight. I mean really loud.

What is wrong with my hometown? Loveable, stabby jacknuts.

Enjoy it Sac, those of us living far, far from Edmonton would love to see what the atmosphere is like in person.

Me too Julian. Of course maybe I'd be stabbing people behind the Commercial as well...

"Stab a Whore-O for Moreau" - how's that for a Whyte Ave rallying cry?

Prong Her for Pronger.

That one's much better and i'm not even oiler fan anymore

There ended up only being one assault charge stemming from Friday night, so the "ten" stabbings (unless they were self-inflicted) apparently have more to do with exaggerating coppers trying to scare people away from Whyte than with rowdy fans.

Thornton's a douche
[clap, clap]
Thornton's a douche, Thornton's a douche, Thornton's a douche
[clap, clap]
Thornton's a douche
[clap, clap]


Bah let people celebrate and just arrest the real troublemakers.
Lawmakers in Calgary went waay overboard and look what happened. I'm sure they're real happy now that there's nobody on 17th Ave anymore.

And yes the Sharks are really cocky, comes from their coach who's a dick.

Right Cosh! Because you know Edmonton's Finest tracked down and arrested everyone who committed an actual crime..

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. (Who knows, maybe there was 10 911 calls for the same 2 stabbings).

Game five was a fun game to watch, at least if your an Oilers fan. For a moment when the score was tied at 3-3 I was briefly concerned, but then despite that struggle to maintain a semblence of resistance the route began. The rest of the game was a blast, mostly because it consisted of the Oilers being on the powerplay and scoring three more goals.

Man all year I knew this team just needed some average to decent goaltending and they could do amazing things. Now its looking like the scoring touch has met solid defensive play, and with 17,000 fans exhorting them in Rexall the Oilers may be able to make their way to the Conference final for the first time in a long time. You know San Jose is going to come out and make a game of it, as they're too good a team not to come out and try to redeem themselves. But the Oilers have been playing well, and been lucky, which happens to be a deadly combination.

My only question is, are these comments directed at "The Rob Huck".. from the fighting city of Luseland Saskatchewan


Just got back from Vegas where I watched the mighty Oil have some Shark soup. Love the Ceaser's sports book. There were quite a few people cheering quite loudly when the blue and copper scored.
Made some money, got sloshed, pissed off my bud who's a huge Canuck fan. All in all, a great Sunday night. Who cares I feel like shit here back at work on Tuesday!!!

>Love the Ceaser's sports book

Hockey odds seems to be a throwaway for American oddsmakers, and a reasonably informed hockey fan can catch the odd good bet.

Can't wait to go to Vegas soon, although hockey is gonna pretty much be over by then.

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