Monday, May 01, 2006


Oiler Playoff Game #6


There are only two playoff games tonight, and each has greater than average interest around these parts. In addition to the insanity Edmonton will experience if they manage to seal the deal against the Wings tonight, a concomitant Flames' victory will result in The Battle of Alberta. I'm too superstitions to say more about it than that, but Sports Matters is fully embracing the idea. Remember, if the Oil and Flames lose tonight, the Karma Buster himself can be found at Scholars Pub near the UofA Campus wearling the "I Love Nerds" hat.

Back to business. Obviously there is the small matter of actually beating the President's Trophy winners one more time. Mac-T has noted several times over the last few days that the fourth win is always the toughest. I like the tack the Oilers are taking -- they have to not only duplicate the effort of Game #5, but they have to be better.

"We're happy with the situation," said head coach Craig MacTavish. "But it's a case where we know the fourth win is always the toughest, especially against a team like Detroit that has so much experience. The one thing they're not going to do is they're not going to panic. They're going to come in here and play a whale of a game. We're going to have to be better than we've been at any point in the series to get the win."

The fact is, though, the Oilers are confident and are not even thinking about this series in terms of "upset" anymore. The Wings? I never realized what a drama queen Manny Legace was.

I'd like to think that Detroit will actually Bring It, tonight, given that it is their last kick at the can; but, frankly, it is tough to know what to expect. They certainly didn't bring much to the table in their last two games.

If Stevie Y plays tonight, I hope that the Rexall crowd gives him some love -- especially if Detroit loses since it may well be his final game.

Random Karma Fact: The last time the Oil had a chance to win a series in Game #6 (1992), they did -- on a goal by none other than Craig Mac-T, himself.

Sacamano's Keys to the Game:

Go Oil!


I would just like to point out that I said a series victory by both the Flames and the Oil were still BIG IFs. I was actually going to do a separate subsection in my post reiterating this point, but then felt like I had said enough. Apparently not. Now I feel sick to my stomach, because maybe you were right. I am superstitious to a fault, and now you have scared the shit out of me. Plus I'm Catholic, Irish and a Red Sox fan; I'm already convinced that God tests me by making my life miserable. Super. If the Oil lose tonight (really, who cares about the Flames?), expect the guy in the "I Love Nerds" hat to be pulling a full-on King Lear. I'm gonna go insane.

God, I am sick to my stomach. Can't this night be over already?

Well, that was 40 minutes of some absolutely brutal hockey. Hope they turn it around in the last 20, or this could get ugly. Legace getting a shut out might be the confidence boost for him and his team to close out the Oilers in JLA.

4-3? Hurrah!

*running around in circles, punching fist in air, saying wooooooooooooooo!!!!!!*


Hemsky that fucker was holding out on us this whole time.

well, i do feel a little bad for Yzerman, but..... I guess he's certainly had his time.

i'm fucking spent here... just.... spent. Calgary, your turn to hold up your end of the BOA bargin. not that i'm gonna cheer for you or anything...


[Running face-first into his cubicle wall repeatedly]

HELL YEAH!!!!! Way to go Oilers!!!

Hemsky has arrived! He plays five minutes of one game hard and it finishes off the Red Wings! FUCK YES! THANK YOU GOD! Chris Pronger is a KING AMONG DEFENSEMEN.


Does anyone know of a webcam that would give me a view of Whyte (or maybe Jasper) Ave so I can see the celebration in Illinois?


After that Hemsky goal, Legace looked like he was wondering what was going to be the quickest way to access some rope, a chair, and a sturdy beam.

Man I wish I wasn't flying home for a week, I so want to run down to whyte ave and just get liquored up!

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