Monday, May 08, 2006


Holding Pattern?, 10:53AM MST:
THE SITE WILL BE LAUNCHING ON May 8, 2006...only hours after the oilers defeat the san jose sharks and countless fans celebrate on the blue mile...

Today's Edmonton Sun:
Golanowski said he was going to have a few teams of guys spread along Whyte to capture all the action last night.

"We're going to try and start the flashing as the game is going on," he said.
Golanowski, who has put together skateboarding videos in the past, predicts the Oilers will win in seven games.

Sounds super. Dude really needs to work on his follow-through: here's the Visit Lyndon Golanowski's Homepage! link at Nothing wrong with big dreams, though.
Golanowski, who put the website together with help from 29-year-old friend Suniel Sambasivan, said will be similar to - from Calgary's famous Red Mile - "only tons better with more features and more video."

UPDATE: Great mindsBored guys whose teams have been eliminated think alike.

UPDATE2: 3:23PM MST, and still no Cock for Laraque. Way to take advantage of that Sun feature, Lyndon. (And, good luck getting another mention.)


"Bored guys whose teams have been eliminated..."

Exactly. I can only devote so much time to ragging on idiot Dive fans before I have to move on.

I'm getting hits for 'Edmonton's blue mile' almost every day.

Before we go on rants about diving I have two words for you: Chris Chelios.

If people must know, it is the Copper Kilometer.

And it is tonnes of fun, not 'tons'.

Before we continue with anonymous rants on diving, I have one word for you: floppa.

And while we're on an anonymous diving kick and you've thrown your two words in, why don't you expand on Chris Chelios' history of diving? How many times has it been brought up other than the alleged conversation between he and Laraque?

Chelios may be a dirty, nasty and effective sure hall of famer, but he's not exactly renowned for diving.

Speaking of the "Copper Kilometer", did anyone else see that gigantic female running down the strip, wearing clothes wayy to tight, and screaming "I'm 'tonnes' of fun for Rolo-son". It was scary.

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