Sunday, May 21, 2006


Ho hum, another Oilers playoff win

Not the Oil's best game--they went back to that horrific defend the lead strategy, which invariably results in them being badly outplayed for long periods--but I'll take it. Especially if this is the best we can expect from the Ducks in what was a damn-close-to-must-win game for them. Oh, yeah, and I suppose the fact that half the team had the flu was a factor.

Rollie was solid again and is on a two game point streak. He also tied Grant Fuhr's Oilers record for career playoff penalty minutes -- and in only 14 games (it took Grant 111 games). I think it is a bit much, however, to claim that he has stolen either of the last two games, which seems to be a common theme on the highlight shows I've seen.

The noise from Whyte is much more subdued tonight, despite the fact that it is a holiday. Perhaps Joe Fan has also come to the conclusion that an Oilers Stanley Cup is inevitable and so wants to save his cash for the Stampede the finals.

I only want to comment on a few items tonight:

Fernando Pisani
Much has already been made of local boy Pisani livin' the dream; but I think Horcoff nailed it when he said of Pisani: "Let's be honest, the guy's a machine . . . Give him a chance to score and he'll do it." Going into the game Pisani was fourth in the league in post-season shooting percentage at 38.9%, despite having only one fewer goal than the three people above him combined. Tonight he scored another beauty with a no-backswing quick release wrister to the top corner.

The Flu
The Oilers training staff has to nip this in the bud. I was shocked as hell to hear that Torres and Bergy were going to be flying home with the rest of the team tonight. From everything I've ever learned about communicable diseases, sitting on an airplane with its recirculated air is a guaranteed way to help the thing along. I'd have sent those two guys back on some commercial airline -- preferably the one the Ducks are taking. Or is flu one of those ones that is only contagious before outward symptoms show themselves? I still wouldn't risk it.

D-Zone Breakouts
The Oilers have totally solved a problem that has irritated me all season -- the blind fire around the boards in the d-zone. For the entire season the Oil would try to clear the puck by just shooting it around the boards and, invariably, it would be picked off by someone who had been standing there the entire time. Now the d-men are taking a look and, more often than not, are making the extra little pass D to D or to the forwards in the middle for the chip outs. It's fantastic.

Did I see some frustration by Bryz after he totally missed that first goal? He was looking at his blocker like it was made of swiss cheese. Do they have the option to go back to Giggy? I hope so, not because I actually want to face Giggy -- I think he is the better goaltender -- but because I want the Ducks players to have to think about it.

Goilers! Playoff Beard Pennants.
Check em out -- sooooo cool!


I'm surprised Don Cherry didn't plug his Cold F/X while blathering nonsense about how he's not a racist/bigot.

Where is Kelly Hrudey? Bring him back!

Great win by the Oilers, given the circumstances.

No shit. Is it un-Canadian to suggest that it might be time to put Don Cherry out to pasture?

Did he have anything even remotely interesting to say about the Oilers game? I honestly can't remember if he even mentioned the Oilers game.

If CBC isn't careful, Hrudey is going to jump ship and go to NBC or some damn place.

**The Oilers have totally solved a problem that has irritated me all season -- the blind fire around the boards in the d-zone.**

Good eye. I didn't notice it much during the regular season because I'm stuck out here in Ontario and didn't see enough games. But I am noticing it during the playoffs. Along with the incredible ability to clear the puck away from harm.

And YEAH.. I was thinking the same thing about sick players... hello..... ISOLATION PEOPLE.. Send them home on another plane.

I thought they said they were sending them home on another flight? Maybe my hearing is shot.

As a die-hard Roloson fan, it's my obligation to point out that it's ROLI, not Rollie. It says so on his mask.

A big pet peeve of mine. That's all. Now GO OILERS!!!!!

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