Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Good news, Good news for the Prez, bad news, and really bad news

Allan Maki
reports from Edmonton that:


It appears that everyone else in Edmonton has also come down with the flu. It's like a scene from Omega Man in here.

I heard it's the stomach flu... gotta wonder if those dirty cooks working at the kitchen at the hotel in Newport Beach they were staying at gave them some nasty fly infested grub...


If they win tonight without all these guys in the lineup and Ulanov in the lineup that would bode well in getting some much needed rest before the big dance...


Beer shortage? R-i-g-h-t. I lived through the great beer strikes many years ago and so have a beer fridge, fridge in the beer and some in the garage just in case it snows.

For a price, I'll give those mutts on Whyte Ave a free 2-4 but they have to promise not to kill one another first.

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