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I listened to last night's Flames/Wings game from partway through the second period on. I'm now of the mind that the biggest reward for the 3rd playoff seed (i.e. the Northwest Division title) is not the home-ice advantage, and it's not the more favourable first-round matchup: it's the guarantee that we wouldn't face the Wings until the conference final (if it comes to that, etc...).

Unless the Wings are really able to make short work of their first two opponents, I like the chances of beating them in Round 3 a lot more than Round 1.

Unrelated: mike w at Covered in Oil has come up with a new wrinkle on excerpting the TSN message boards. He's reporting on the emoticons used by angst-ridden HFBoards posters (in this case Canucks fans). My only comment: why the hell didn't I think of that! (Also, nice Bertuzzi picture. Just in case people don't hate the guy enough, you go and show him wearing a Yankees hat? For shame, Mike.)


'Twas a decent game last night. Either team could have fun.

Also, Ference was terrible.

Well, to even it out...Kronwall was terrible for the Wings.

Great game and further proof that if I never see Kiprusoff in May again I'll be a happy man.

Curious to hear your opinion on the Marchment "attempt" on Zetterberg last night. Most Wing fans found it dirty to say the least, but a few feel he pulled away and prevented contact.

Hard to say...

the attempt on Zetterberg could have been either an attempted hit or an attempted knee.

The fact it's Marchment and that Zetterberg managed to mostly avoid contact muddies the waters. It's hard to give the benefit of the doubt to Mush, because he is who is he. It would also be hard to believe that he'd be stupid enough to risk suspension with the Flames hurting as the are currently...

I think the guy plays on instinct, as most do. And his instinct is to go knee to knee.

If Zetterberg hadn't moved, it would have been disastrous. Datsyuk, by the way, is out with a "lower body injury" for 7-10 days. I can't recall when he would have sustained a groin, but I'd guess that would be it. Maybe one of the plays he made falling to the ice.

I think Detroit might as well rest Datsyuk for the play-offs anyways.

lots of groin injuries for some reason this year, BTW.

oh, and in my original comment I said "fun" but I meant "won" (need to lay of the mid-day-meth-fix I think).

The game wasn't on the tube here last night, so I don't have much to add, except that I know Mush came back from a torn MCL (ACL?) without surgery, and walks with a major limp.

I'm a bit skeptical that he would put a wonky leg on the line like that, but then again, as metrognome noted, he is who he is. (And at the moment, he's also the Flames' 5th defenseman.)

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