Friday, April 28, 2006


String 'em up

Last comment on the officiating of last night's game.

First, just so Babcock doesn't get confused, the refs didn't cost Edmonton the game.

Second, it is nice to see that Red Wings fans and media were just as critical, if not harder, on the officiating than the Edmonton guys.

Red Wings television analyst Mickey Redmond called the officiating “a disgrace to the National Hockey League.”“It was pretty bad,” he said on Fox Sports Net Detroit. “The guys (referees Dean Warren and Marc Joanette) won’t be doing many (more) games.”
Not to get all Tom Benjamin on you, but two questions need answering:
  1. How many fans didn't enjoy NHL playoffs in the past?
  2. How many fans (of both teams) didn't enjoy the game last night?
If the answer to #2 is greater than the answer to #1, we have a problem.

At some level it is even tough to blame the refs -- I guess they are just doing their job as defined by the league; but Warren and Joanette seem to have taken to it a little more than others. It's like they have changed from thinking officials to unthinking robots with an utter lack of hockey sense.

I put this in a comment to a previous thread in response to a point by Saler :
I think what really pissed Mac-T off, though, was that a situation should ever arise when a stand-up guy like Stoll, who has never taken anything remotely like a dive as an Oiler, would think it is better to go down easily than to fight through some incidental contact. Same with Shanahan checking himself to the ice to avoid contact with Pronger in the third period, as [Brian List] noted in a post over at your place. Those types of decisions have to be seen as a result of the way the game was officiated.
Again, the refs didn't cost the Oilers the game. Edmonton's lack of discipline cost the Oilers the game; but the refs might have cost a few fans some enjoyment.


Well, an obviously blown call actually did cost the Oilers the game-winning goal. Granted, a lack of discipline had put two guys in the box, but it should have only been a 5 on 4 once Lidstrom ran a moving pick that even an NBA ref would have called. If they score on the 5 on 4 fine, but that isn't what happened.

Meh. If the game had been called properly, that should have been an offsetting interference-dive

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