Thursday, April 13, 2006


Parade Route

I figure it will start at Rexall Place with another stirring "Our Tolerance for Crap is Now Zero" speech by Mayor Stephen Mandel.

Then it will speed across the river along . . . duh . . . Wayne Gretzky Drive. The caravan will slow down for the Calgary Trail to 109th stretch along Whyte Avenue to let all the patio dwellers have a wave.

Then back across the river and another slow cruise down Jasper Avenue.

Finally, back to Rexall to let the boys join all the fans in the Northlands beer gardens.

See you in the conference finals, Jarmoe!


well hot damn. I'd hoped and hoped.... but never really expected it'd happen tonight.

Someof you were talking last week about how difficult it is to be an Oilers fan, constantly getting your hopes dashed.

Imagine being a Canucks fan.
Yeah, it hurts.

Good Luck against Detroit/Dallas. Hand 'em their asses.

Well glory be to jesus, let the hallejullahs roll! Let us sing the Oilers praises far and wide.


That's all I can say.

I still think MacT is toast unless they make the semi-finals.

Go Oilers go!

I wish the NUcks were in it, even though I still think the Naslund-Moronson-Penaltuzzi line is the most over rated combo in the history of sports. It just would have been nice to see all 6 Canadian teams in the show.

[filling fridge with champagne]

This blog wouldn't be the same wihtout both teams in the playoffs.

The Oilers had a heck of a gameplan tonight. For all the punishment that MacTavish has taken the past couple of weeks, he deserves full credit for sussing out the Ducks.

Now can someone do that multi-page feature on Hemsk√Ĺ that I've been waiting for? He's two assists short of 60 with a game left and he'd probably have 75 if his teammates could hit the side of a barn. Oh, and he scored the franchise's most important goal of (at least) the last five years.

(I have to admit, MacT sure decoyed the Ducks nicely with that pre-game talk about juggling the lineups... however much you want him thrown over the railing of the Edmonton Queen, he's got to get points for that.)

I remember being at a few parades and the route iirc ended at Shaw Conference Center.

That and the fact that the people driving the cars for the route were going very fast.

Weird feeling this morning, great to be in but didn't think it would be over today.

I'm still wondering who "Jarmoe" is? anyone?

See BofA Glossary, near top of sidebar at left.

Congratulations on the Oilers getting into the playoffs! and you get a PARADE for that?

Heck, apparently we have a mile-long one every game night...

Actually, we haven't seem Jarmoe in a while, but Jarome has turned it on lately.

That's one fuck of a long parade route you've got sketched out there, isn't it, Sac?

The notoriously fast parade Lowetide remembers was the '87. 1988 was the last time there was a Stanley Cup parade in Edmonton--in 1990 they held a mass reception at Commonwealth instead.

Yep, it's long alright. But with all the Calgary Fans who will have jumped on the bandwagon by that point, I figured it had to be longer than just Jasper Ave.

I suppose we could cut out that loop around the University and just cut across the Highlevel instead.

Yeah, I'm not real clear on the need to take the parade up the hill by the Victoria golf course, or to run past the women's shelter and the peepshows on 95 St. and Jasper. I know you're a big fan of the peeps but I think you could give Sacamano Jr. a rest for a night if the Oilers win the Cup.

What cracks me up about those peeps is the remarkable lack of inflation. The signs still advertise 25 cent Peeps. I suppose two-bits doesn't rent you what it used to.

Think I'd rather pay more. I don't want just anyone having the same peep as me.

Is there a premium peep area with better furniture? Perhaps a classier entrance for those who don't arrive on bikes?

Yeah. It's called the VIP room of a strip club, Lord Fauntleroy.

Yay, we'll be the only playoff team with a losing record. By that I mean we'll have more losses than wins. Thank goodness for the scam that is the OTL.

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