Thursday, April 06, 2006


Oilers Game Day - Wild

Season Record: 38-26-12 Season Record: 35-34-7


Is it wrong to be tired of watching Oilers-Wild games?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those guys who hates the Wild because they are so defensive. I actually think Minnie is pretty offense minded these days when they turn over the puck -- which seems to happen an awful lot against Edmonton. It's just that I'm tired of watching them. Rollie has only been with Edmonton for under a month, and he is getting his fourth start against the Wild tonight. B-O-R-I-N-G.

In any case, after two laughers against teams that had already mentally hit the 19th tee box, I'm guessing that tonight's game will be another tough one. Let's hope all those goals helped some of the Oilers forwards remember that they used to be able to score pretty well. A win tonight would go a long way in helping to bury the Canucks.

Since I've only been wrong 38 times this year, I'm going to continue to predict an Oilers win: 3-1. Smyth, Bergeron and *gasp* Dvorak.

Sacamano's Key to the Game: Stop Rolston - the guy has killed us this year.

Scoreboard Watching:


The keys to the game are three-fold, IMO:

1) Don't take a ridiculous number of penalties. (For some unexplained reason the Wild always has a decent PP and now they actually have the personnel as well. My theory is that the reason they are good is because they usually play 4 forwards out there.)

2. Puck possession is critical. The Wild make you pay if you turn the puck over all night long.

3. Don't give up anything in the first period. The concept of a "good road period" needs to come to the forefront in the 1st for the Oilers. Let the PP and Samsonov at 4on4 do the razzle dazzle in the first period.

1) The middle to lower pairings of Oilers defenceman have to not make stupid pinches that cost us the game.

2) The Oilers have to play simple, and can't panic if they aren't winning the game

3) Mike W must be in the kitchen or bathroom for 3-4 times during the game, thus ensuring goals scored

And those are MY KEYS TO THE GAME.

1. Competent goal judges/referees might be a good thing as well.

> 1. Competent goal judges/referees might be a good thing as well.

Okay, I'll add it to my list.

I am beyond pissed given the recent screw jobs the Oil have suffered at the hands of the league. If these asshats wearing stripes want to f over the Oilers maybe the NHL should rename itself to WWE then I can expect the stupidity of the calls of late. If the Oilers miss the playoffs the league owes every fan of Edmonton a apology and compensation for all the time watching them only to have the league decide that they don't want the OIl in the playoffs.
Don VanMassenhoven should take his quick whistle and go park cars.

No, yeah, um, I think Sacamano's Key to the Game was actually pretty good.

Fucking Rolston.

I can't believe the year Rolston's had... unbelievable.

I never saw him as a natural candidate for Leading U.S.-Born Point Scorer, but damned if that's not exactly what he is.

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