Monday, April 17, 2006


Oilers Game Day - Meaningless Division

The Oil take on the Avs tonight in a totally meaningless (from the Oilers perspective) game.

For Colorado the game is still important: if the Avalanche win and Anaheim loses to Calgary, then Colorado jumps to 6th place letting them avoid Dallas in the first round and face the much weaker Flames instead.

One would think that there is a decent chance of this happening. The Flames will want to send a message to Anaheim in case they meet in the first round. The Oilers have called in the farm to rest a bunch of folks tonight (probably Pronger, Smith/Staois(?), Moreau, Hemsky). I bet Igor gets in the game tonight, which will please at least one fan. Actually, it would please me too. I love Ullie -- I occasionally don't think much of the way he plays the game of hockey, but it can't be denied that he is one funny guy.

Who knows, perhaps tonight we will even see that loose Oilers team we have heard so much about.

Worse Case Scenario: the Oilers throw out a bunch of minor-leaguers and press-box guys who actually play like minor-leaguers and press-box guys. The last thing the Oilers need is another one of these fiascos against the Avs going into playoffs. Confidence is a mysterious entity that is best not tinkered with.


...and face the much weaker Flames instead.

hehe...I love your subtle gibes.

That's funny jhuck, because I always assumed that getting 44%% of available points was worse than getting 50%.

Um ... I think that was his point. jhuck just neglected to use his /sarcasm tags.

The Avs have a marginally better record against the Stars than they do against the Flames, so logically should prefer a first round series against the Stars than the Flames.

But then, who wouldn't?

Go Flames

If you read the dailies then it looks like MacT's subbing in Rem for Harv but other than that it looks like the strongest set of forward lines he's constructed in a long time. On defense I'd expect Pronger to get a rest or else he plays but mostly plays on the PP.

Of course Rolo might get the rest so who in the fuck knows how Ty or Jussi might fare.

Personally I'm hoping the Flames have to face the Ducks. I think Ana has a better chance of taking them out than Col. Then again if I watch the Oil tonight and Theo stands on his head then Cgy might have a new worry altogether;)

If someone even comes close to matching Kipper in the net then the Flames are clearly done.

I think Gigure could come close to doing that but I can't help but have this nagging feeling that they're at the start of a freefall. They were so hot for so long.

If you say so; I didn't think Flames fans knew how to use sarcasm.

Man, I'm sure glad to see that the Oilers-Flames sniping isn't dependent upon meeting in the first round of playoffs.

Well done, sirs.

God, could we play the Avs? They looked awful.

One fan was happy. Well actually, seeing as we won, I'd expect that multiple fans were happy in this case.

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