Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Oilers Fans = n+1

Hey Hey Hey!

Sorry for the unannounced absence, but as Fenwick mentioned, I was somewhat indisposed.

Mrs. Sacamano and I are pleased to introduce Li'l Miss Sacababy, the newest Oilers superfan. Appropriately, for readers of this web log, she was born on the morn of a Battle of Alberta. Perhaps more appropriately, for people that know her father, she was born on April Fool's Day.

Speaking of BofA and April Fool's, I had this gag all lined up for Saturday morning when the big event pulled me away from my computer. I was hoping to have at least one Flames fan choke on their morning muffin, but instead it was me gettin' punk'd.

What with all the learnin' about 'colostrum and 'meconium', I haven't even had time to catch up on all the Oilers news. I see that Madcrutch has the Oil up above 75% probability of making the playoffs which is nice. In any event, I imagine I'll be back in action sometime this week, although I suspect my commenting rate may be somewhat decreased as it seems pretty difficult to type with only one hand.

Go Oil!



She's still about 5-6 years away from her first hockey memory, but the Oilers bib should help.

(My first memory was seeing a weird team with a slanted "M" logo that looked like the Oilers, which later turned out to be the NY Islanders)

Cute baby!

For future reference, headlines on ESPN news pages aren't capitalized. Killed the effect slightly on the second page, although it was awesome that the "Story" link worked from the main one.

Good catch Cosh. I was actually intending to go back and spice the story up as well but, well, next year.

For future reference, headlines on ESPN news pages aren't capitalized.

You know this? Really?

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