Friday, April 21, 2006


Just 16 more wins, Oil fans...

How many times this year, I wonder, have I heard one of these variations on a theme:

Five, as in Cups, is the only number that matters... division titles are meaningless... 5 Cups... losing Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals constitutes a "choke"... 5-1!!!... the Clarence Campbell Bowl is a consolation prize... five cups... jeez that Western Conference Championship banner is garish... 5, 5, 5, etc. etc.

Well, fine. Oiler fans are apparently so sophisticated (or is it spoiled by success?) that mere playoff game or series victories are not legitimate cause for enthusiasm. Fair enough. I guess I'll hear from you either in about 8 weeks, or sooner for the annual discussion of which alumni should be hired/fired by the organization.

For Calgary fans: it's Game Night! Things shape up well for the home team. I'm thinking an early goal by Anaheim, then two for the Flames (Langkow and Amonte), and one into the empty net for good measure. 3-1 Final. Enjoy - and Go Flames.


Im impressed with your correct Amonte goal prediction. Kudos.

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