Friday, April 21, 2006


Growing Optimism

The Oilers playoff preview pointed out that in"[Roloson's] last eight games, he had a 1.75 goals-against average and .931 save percentage."

1.75 GAA and .931 SV%

And people are worried that Manny freaking Legace is going to outplay Rollie? Puh-leez.

And don't forget, the Wings have both Cory Cross and Dan Cleary on their payroll. Is it possible to lose to a team featuring Dan Cleary?


1.75 GAA and 9.31 SV%

Might want to fix the typo, or else Rollie will let in more than 90% of the shots he faces.

Either ".931 save pct." or "93.1% save pct." should help Dwayne dramatically.

Fixed. Thanks earl.

I think the important part of that quote is the 'eight games' portion.

That said, Roloson's a good goaltender. He won't be the problem.

No, the problem is likely going to be the soft goal. It's been killing us the last three times we've been in the playoffs. I still remember the heartbreak watching that goal go in off of Jason Smith the last time around.

I kinda think the important part of that quote is the 'last eight' part.

Well Jesus H. Christ. All this talk of goalie stats has convinced the hockey Gods to taunt us with this performance from Roloson, and that performance from the Oilers.

Jeez, thats just a shame about the OT goal. Hope Rem doesn't take it too hard. Oh well, we really tried hard, and I know you'll agree that that is whats important.

That didn't deflect very much. He should have had it. Looks like the Wings watched some film, and saw that Rolli let's out a bunch of rebounds. Ego shoot from everywhere and go to the net. I thought he played great tonight, but the 2nd goal was on a rebound and the 3rd goal was awful. Game Red Wings. Oh, and the refs sucked ass. Brutal officiating.

I think my new least favorite play is the Red Wing pick play. At least they got called on it twice :/


That was a tough one. As usual, Detroit gets the bounces.

Really, Maltby as a hero.

That's a little too much for me to take.

Agreed. Although if it had been Cleary you would have been seeing a Law & Order epsisode about me three months from now.

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