Friday, April 07, 2006


Friday Stats Watch

Way back in January, I (among others) took a detailed look at the increase in scoring this year. Click back for a refresher; I have some updates. I can't quite find up-to-date numbers for Time Spent on Special Teams, but the raw numbers should tell the same tale.

*Total scoring is presently at 6.06G/gm in total. In '03/'04, it was 5.14G/gm, so we have an increase of 0.92G/gm (relative increase of 18%).

*PP scoring with a 1-man advantage is up from 1.26G/gm to 1.78G/gm, an increase of 0.52G/gm (relative increase of 41%)

*PP scoring with a 2-man ad (5-on-3) is up from 0.125G/gm to 0.287G/gm, an increase of 0.16G/gm (relative increase of 130%)

*SH scoring is up from 0.177G/gm to 0.227G/gm, an increase of 0.05G/gm (relative increase of 28%)

*Subtracting all of the above from the total increase, we see the ES scoring per game is up 0.19G/gm (from 3.40G/gm to 3.59G/gm, a relative increase of 5.6%)

In other words, 79% of the scoring increase this season is attributable to special teams goals, and 21% is attributable to even strength goals. Regardless of whether you are happy or unhappy about this, those are somewhat jarring numbers. (What are you going to say next time someone asks you what's the biggest difference in the NHL this year?)

For the record, PP opportunities are up 39% this year (from 8.5 to 11.8 PP Opps per game). PP Success is up from 16.5% to 17.7%, but some or most or all (or even more) of this increase is due to the huge increase in 5-on-3 goals. Data on 5-on-3 Success & Opportunities is difficult to come by, or I'd be more specific here.

Make of it what you want. I simply think that if we're going to evaluate the changes in the game, it's nice to know just what we're talking about.

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