Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Frankie says Relax

Meh. The Oil lost on the road to the best team in the league -- no biggie (see, I can be a Zen Master too).

I didn't see the game so I don't have any original insights, but from what I've read elsewhere it sounds like they played pretty well. Well, unless you read the HF jackals, where it sounds like Edmonton dressed 20 elementary school kids.

The Magic Number with Vancouver is now 5. 2 of those 5 should come tonight when the Canucks gas one against San Jose.

The weird thing about the Oilers right now is that they just can't score 5 on 5. Weren't the Oilers 2nd or 3rd in the league last season in 5 on 5 scoring? What de ga'hell happened?


Wow, a Three Amigos reference AND a Last Night's House MD reference. Well done!

I have mixed feelings about House. It had such potential at the beginning, but then every single episode turned identical:

-Person comes in with ailment
-Other docs diagnose patient
-House writes the symptoms on his board, diagrees with everyone else, and diagnoses something wacky
-All the other docs think he is an crazy, and they run lots of expensive tests.
- Usually the tests, etc., show that House is wrong.
- However, House's diagnosis is eventually proven correct, usually involving the fact that the patient is lying about some relevant fact.

The last couple of episodes have been more interesting, though. And I love that they never really explain what the hell the diseases they are talking about are. The writers really treat the viewer like House treats his students -- if you can't keep up, stay away from the hospital.

Interesting Footnote: Hugh Laurie's grandmother and my great-great-grandmother were sisters.

Sacamano you liar.

That's not interesting.

Re:Last week's House episode

My jaw dropped when the "the board is white" line happened; and I howled when House's cane snapped. Characters who are unapologetically flawed make for compelling TV.

I find the whole Everybody Lies theme fascinating, because it's almost never because the liar is a Bad Person. Keeping it in mind in everyday life doesn't make you cynical, but it makes understanding people a lot easier (not to mention stuff like interpreting public opinion polls).

Plus, I find Dr. Cameron pretty damn hot...

Come on. Last week the plot of House was that he effectively had to kidnap and rape Samantha Mathis to save her life. If that's not pretty awesome, then I'm a Jell-O Pudding Pop.

Congrats on that "Of all the teams ahead of the Oilers, I really think they match-up best with Detroit" prediction. It might still be true, is the sad part. Prepare for further disappointment as you make future predictions based on any premise other than "The Oilers are infinitely gutless."

Cosh, it would seem that you've accidentally proven Sacamano's point by mixing the details of two episodes together.

Last week, he had to kidnap Mel Harris' daughter to look for a tick in her pubic hair. The week before, he wanted to give Samantha Mathis a cavity search to find what she was using to poison her husband.

Yes, but think how awesome the combination is in my imagination.

OK, now I have to clean the lunch of my monitor....

jeebus I really was looking for some insight in the Oiler death spiral... for medical shows I always liked Quincy.. although I have caught few episodes of House...

No doubt about it the last few episodes have been terrific. And don't get me wrong, I love the guy -- just a fantastic character.

But it did go through a pretty stale stretch (about the time House and Cameron sort of got it on), which had me worried considering that it hasn't even been through two complete seasons yet.

My favourite part about last week's episode is that pill-popping House looked positively "adjusted" compared with the suddently lost and obssesive Wilson.

Samantha Mathis ...

Hubba hubba.

I was crunching the stats today...

What? No way.

Is that picture supposed to be Buddha? Because it sure looks like the Angel of Death. And not a moment too soon.

Did anyone see Scrubs last night? Dr. Kelso called Dr. Cox "House without the cane." I never realized until he said it how true it is. They also ripped on Grey's Anatomy a few weeks ago. Best damn show on tv, that Scrubs.

Scrubs is indeed an awesome show. NBC doesn't show it much love as now it just winds up coming on in mid-season and somehow keeps chugging along.

TV's picking up these days though. Sopranos and Big Love on HBO and I think the third season of Deadwood starts in June.

Now if we only had new eps to watch of The Wire.

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