Sunday, April 23, 2006


Flames Playoff Game Night

Game 2 of Flames vs. Ducks goes tonight at the Dome, 7PM MDT. Still no word on who will be starting in goal for the Ducks. Here's J-S Giguere in the LAT:
"My whole game is about my lower body," he said. "If any part of my leg is not good, it can be troublesome. You can't afford to be 95% in the type of game I want to play. You have to be 100%."

Way to give it away, buddy. The Ducks had your injury categorized perfectly blandly as a "lower body" thing, and then you just blurt out that it's about your leg. What if the Flames weren't sure, and were going to try to go after his toes - or his nads?

Related, here's a little anatomical diagram I cooked up to help the uninitiated identify playoff injuries:

The sense seems to be that Giguere has some ham soreness, though I suspect a lack of bacon has something to do with it (or maybe he's just screwed in the headcheese).

Does it matter? Who knows. McCarty had a lot of net to shoot at on his OT winner, but I don't know that this means Bryzgalov was either slow or out of position.

The game should be interesting. I guess I couldn't scoff at anyone who though the Ducks carried the play for long stretches on Friday, but I still think they were only dangerous for a total of about 3 minutes (the beginning of OT), plus their 5-on-3 time obviously. Other than that, I didn't think they had many chances to score on Kipper, the two italicized words being an important distinction.

I dunno. I'll give the Ducks one PP goal tonight, but I'm guessing they'll be hapless otherwise, in about a 4-1 Final (goals by Iginla, Donovan, Langkow, and Hamrlik). Go Flames.


Don't forget about the "flu-like symptoms" that are strangely similar to concussions

That pic is too funny!

Good stuff!

I'm expecting the usual 'Game 2 Flames' to show up tonight. This is the team which normally loses the first game at home and then plays like freaking world beaters and absolutely pounds their opponent.

Something like 4-1 or 5-1 tonight.

NOTE: I do NOT expect/hope/want to see the usual "Game 3 Flames" to show up in Anaheim on Tuesday. That's the team that usually loses about 12-2, then gets shutout in game 4 before delivering a headscratchingly gritty performance in Game 5. Hopefully that team is stayed behind in the 90's

But I always liked 'Game 2 Flames'. Thise guys are pretty good.

Go Flames.

You know, before this blog came along I never would have cheered for the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, even in my wildest dreams.

It's a tribute to the senseless gloating and entitlement of Flames fans that I'll practically be wearing a hideous teal jersey tonight when watching the game.

I will say this: the Flames fans may blow during the regular season, but that Sea of Red is pretty cool.

Yea, Sacamano but a sea of red in Calgary? Isn't red a little too much of a commy colour for any team in this province?

So, nobody besides me watched the actual game then?

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