Saturday, April 01, 2006


Battle of Alberta Open Thread

Sacamano's day has been great enough. The Oilers are going to lose, and lose convincingly, by a 3-1 score that flatters the home team. Go Flames.


Let me be the proxy for Sacamano, then.

Did Fenwick just predict that the Oilers are going to lose Sacababy's first game? That's a new low even for a Flames fan.

Well, no sense getting her hopes up for a lifetime... it's a cruel world you guys live in.

As a matter of fact, we've dispatched an emissary, Sacababy's Grandpa, to journey north and redeem the innocent from a life of oily servitude.

Pray for Sacababy.

Is this the game where oilfan says "uncle"? I mean, does a convincing flames win put to rest the debate, and thus this blog?

Good morning Harry! FYI, Peca is not "+11" during his scoreless streak, he's even.

this is a horribly officiated game.

and wasn't that quite the contrast, seeing Roloson giving up a rebound (gasp!) for a goal and Kipper stoning Peca on the breakaway? pretty much a metaphor for the two seasons, no?

and of course Huselius has to score two goals. just shoot me and put me out of my misery.

Ever since that flap about Peca callign out the coaches for not being calm behind the bench, I've noticed that mctavish and simpson really do look like they are going shit their pants half the time.

"Alright, I feel an Edmonton comeback" - Ron Maclean, 10:01PM.

Hopefully at 10:45PM, this will merely be a gentle reminder of the fallibility of the experts.

What a shitty fucking game. I could claim a moral victory or blame the officials, but in the end we just end up losing a game we should have won. I really don't know what the hell is wrong with this franchise. They just can't seem to get over the hump.

That was beautiful. Not just becuase the flames played a solid game, but because it was so painful a loss for the oilers.

Well well well!

The buzzer just sounded and once again, my disgust with this shithouse of a hockey team grows even further. I have never been so disgusted with this team, ever.

Fire MacT and the coaching staff. Get rid of Lowe for building such a shit team, and let Peca walk away without so much as a goodbye. Trade Smyth. He obviously doesn't have the heart, guts, cajones, or skill, to lead this team to the next step.

Blow the whole m^%^%^&erf*cker up and start over.

BJ MacDonald where are you now?

Ron Chipperfeld please come back!

Risto Stiltenan are you still available?

>Fire MacT and the coaching staff. Get rid of Lowe for building such a shit team, and let Peca walk away without so much as a goodbye. Trade Smyth.

Whoa whoa. Yeah they kind of sucked tonight, but they also got every bad break possible against them. Is Colorado a horrendous team after Sunday night? Nope. Losses happen.

What Oil fans have to agree upon is this: firing MacT with 7 games left would create more chaos than it would do any good (witness: LA). If the Oil don't make the playoffs then let the "Fire MacT" debate commence. Until then, I'm going to watch games with pepto bismol instead of wine.

I bet my friend $10,000 that Ference wouldn't score...
even when he plays well, I have reason to hate him.

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