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I'm sure this has been buried in a Joe Thornton story recently, but I've missed it: who was the last player to win the NHL scoring title playing for more than one team? Has it ever happened? If you know, please drop a comment. (Max Bentley, recently remembered fondly in Peter Worthington's trip down Senility Lane, was traded just after consecutive titles.)

Completely non-hockey-related trivia: do you know how many different TV series Richard Belzer has appeared in playing the role of Detective Munch? The amazing answer is seven, which helps explain why it's so hard to tell all those crime dramas apart... (ÞCosh)

UPDATE, seconds later: I think most of us knew that Most Goals was the tiebreaker for who gets the Art Ross if there's two players with an equal point total (it cost Gretzky an 11th, which would have been his first, in 1980). But did you know that there's two other tiebreakers?
If two players finish the season with the same number of points, the trophy is awarded in the following manner: 1. Player with most goals; 2. Player with fewer games played; 3. Player scoring first goal of the season.

Yeah yeah, ties suck, but that's taking things a bit far, no?


You mean two teams in the same year? If not, it has to be Gretzky, who won with Edmonton and L.A.

I don't believe it has ever happened at the NHL level. It probably has happened at the junior level.

I know Syd Howe plaed second in the scoring race in 1934-35, while scoring 14-13-27 in 36 games for St. Louis and 8-12-20 in 14 games for Detroit.

If you mean the same season It hasn't happened.

It should be pointed out that no player has ever won a scoring title after being traded and splitting that season with more than one club. The closest that this feat has ever happened came way back in the 1920-21 season, when Babe Dye, who split that season between Hamilton and Toronto, finished second, three points behind Montreal's famed Newsy Lalonde.

Thank you all, especially VK. That is our first link from a Russian-language website: I'm sure Sacamano will check it out, as he might actually be able to read it.

How many players have won it for two different teams, period? Not many, that is for sure. Take a look at this list.

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