Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Playoff Preview?

I feel sorry for all you Calgary folks. Not only did your Flames lose, but tonight's Oilers-Stars game was blacked out in southern Alberta.

It was definitely one of the best games of the year. While there weren't that many shots--especially in the first--it seemed like somebody could have scored every single time the puck crossed the blueline. More importantly, perhaps, was that the hitting was back in the game -- it was by far the most physical game I've seen all year.

Peca was dynamite at both ends of the ice, and K-Lowe is starting to look like a genius for grabbing Spacek and Tarnstrom. Seriously, two top 5 (4?) d-men for spare parts? That's crazy. Spacek and Pronger simply shut down Modano and the Stars' first line. Really, there weren't any floaters today. Even Conky wasn't horrible, although he wasn't as good as Turco. It was actually nice to see him get pissed off after Mac-T put in Quimby for the shootout.

Sure the Oil lost the second point in the shootout, but I'm pretty confident that they would have won in a sudden death playoff game--they were outplaying Dallas for the entire third. The Stars are simply a freakshow in the skills competition.


Another tie? Would it hurt us to win a game by more than a goal sometime? Or even lose by more.


Damnit, the Oil need a goalie and bad. They shouldn't be going into a shootout if Conky makes one more stop.

Hey, dudes, just got home! How'd that "We're going to score four off Vokoun tonight" thing work out for Matt?

Um, as much as I don't want to contradict an anti-Flames rant, I live in Calgary and watched the game, so I guess maybe it wasn't blacked out. Or maybe they just showed it at my house, because folks here in Calgary like to go that extra mile for us refugees from the north.

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