Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Oilers Game Day - St. Louis

Season Record: 30-20-9 Season Record: 16-31-9


I returned to Edmonton last night to find the place knee deep in snow, bereft of any Oiler Olympic gold medalists, and still lacking a goalie. The good news is that I managed to catch the stirring Vancouver comeback over Jarmoe and his still-hapless Flames.

I knew that when I went to England over the break there was a good chance I wouldn't see any hockey, and I was right. In fact, I didn't see a single Olympic event. Sigh. Happily, I did make it to Ontario in time to catch the Clara Hughes gold / Cindy Klassen bronze. Very nice. I actually also went to a very entertaining Guelph Storm game.

Thanks to Matt for holding down the fort while I was away.

Since I didn't see how (allegedly!) poorly Pronger played in Torino, I'm simply going to pretend that the Olympics didn't happen. Back to the Oilers.

The Olympic "break" seems to have done them more harm than good. Matt Greene got run over by a truck, Peca is hurt, Smith has a broken toe, Moreau's ankle is still wonky, Torres has pulled a groin, Pisani has a bad back, Reasoner has a brused lung, D-Vo's groin is still iffy.

Yan Stastny and Brad Winchester have been recalled to fill in.

It is nut-cuttin' time, and there isn't a whole lot of margin for slumps. Let the Trading Deadline frenzy begin!


I think Pronger was told to "pack light" for his trip to Italy, and had to leave the Orbs at home. Not so great a set of games for Prongs. You can say the same for pretty much everyone on the team, though.


Well, that game sucked. Whatta ya think of these Cujo rumours, Oil fans? SOMETHING has to be done.

Also: Welcome back, Sacamano.

Who is the Womens team goalie for cripes sake what did they have 12 shots 25% went in. Jeebus I say we go with 6 attackers from the get go my as cause we got nothing back there anyway.

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