Saturday, March 18, 2006


Oilers Game Day - Detroit

I'm in an all day conference today, and so tragically I'll be missing the March Madness and the trash talking.

My only observation is that Edmonton matches up well with the Wings.

Prediction: 4-2 Oil


What the heck is going on with the Flames tonight?

Nevermind. I don't know why I bothered asking

Wow! I want a review of that Flames game from somebody. Sutter leaves Boucher in for 9 goals on 47 shots? Yikes.

I only listened on the radio, but I got the impression that Boucher was a little rusty...

This was the first of 6 games in 9 days, including tomorrow at 5PM. I think unless Boucher broke his leg (and not one of those sissy hairline fractures), Kipper was getting a rest.

47 shots? WTF??? Did he give the rest of the team the night off as well? That probably matches their total shots from the last two games.

I thought maybe Don Edwards was in net tonight for the Flames.

I am actually convinced that Sutter is Mike Keenan. Leaving Boucher in was probably a "lesson" for either him or the team.

My God, how did Roloson let that Chelios goal in? so much for saving one shitty goal a night.

And can someone just shoot Ron Tugnutt and put us out of our misery?

I doubt leaving Kiprusoff on the bench was a lesson to him or the team, but rather a necessity born out of the fact that Kipper can barely stand after having started about two-dozen straight games. Also, good to see Lundmark getting a game misconduct in his second game as a Flame. Things are truly looking up for recent Sutter acquisitions.

Fuck me. What the hell was with that rebound? Jesuse Christ. I actually wanted this guy?

Moral of the story: pay as much as you need to for a quality goalie. Don't pay $4 million for a 4th line centre.

It was worth the two second heart attack and confirmation that Roloson does in fact suck just to see Dan Cleary fire that easy goal right over the crossbar.

Yup. Bill Ranford. I may never sleep again.

No doubt. Losing on a goal by Cleary would have just about killed me.

Boy I love Pisani.

Remember how I used to love Reasoner -- he was Mr. Everything. I've found a replacement.

The guy we needed to grab at the deadline was the dude who kicked all those field goals for Nashville. Can't wait to hear Matt Stepford-Fenwick spin this one.

Based on pregame predictions at BoA, I'd wager the Oilers' end of season record would be a cool 79-0-3.

Ever notice that Pisani never smiles? Even when he scored that goal, eyes wide open, but not a crack of a smile.

And james, you never predict your team will lose. it's just bad form.

Mirtle, the Oilers never lose..they experience a point allocation setback.

Based on pregame predictions at BoA, I'd wager the Oilers' end of season record would be a cool 79-0-3.

Yep, And Dvorak would have about 75 goals.


Chelios' goal was the worst thing I've seen in a long time; it was uglier than the man who put the puck in the net.

Is there a more unlikeable player than Chelios? It took all my will to restrain from hurling something at my TV after seeing him celebrate his goal. God, I get angry just writing about this.

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