Friday, March 24, 2006


Flames Game Night

Hey Matt! You forgot to mention that the Flames lost to the Columbus Blue Jackets tonight.

Just thought I'd help you out, buddy. You can thank me later.


He's probably lost in our baseball league chatroom. It's like going down the rabbit-hole, with Cosh as Mad Hatter.

I aint going to gloat. We've been beaten by Alex Auld the last two games.

Hell, screw Auld — look at that Canucks blueline. Weinrich is 4,072 years old.

Cosh is the Hatter.

Screw that. I'm gloating. The Canucks are no Blue Jackets.

It's the little battles that keep me going.


'nuff said.

Just keep in mind that the game winner against the Flames was scored by an Oiler alumni. We keep biting ya in the ass, no matter where you go. Like Rider fans...we are everywhere :P

Yet unlike Rider fans, we're functionally literate!

Here now, don't pick on my banjo playin' brethren. We've got to stay focussed on what is important...mocking the Flames. :P

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