Friday, March 31, 2006


Flames Game Day

Ah, winning cures all ills: Exhibit A, B, and C. Unfortunately, I can't get right into the Battle Smack yet as I have this thing to do, that being watch the Flames extend their Northwest Division lead tonight by slapping around the Avalanche (730PM, RSN West).

This is the 7th meeting between these teams this season; with the exception of a 3-2 Flames SO win back in November, the home team has really dominated. I expect that trend to continue tonight; it'll be Operation Shutdown for the Flames (and I don't mean that in the Derek Bell sense).

3-1. Iginla, Phaneuf, and DvorakLombardi with the goals. Go Flames.

UPDATE, moments later: I almost forgot the pic. For karma.


Man, do I love the Astrom whammy.

Wow! The Flames looked good. It sets up a great game for tomorrow!

>The one man team was all over the Avs tonight.

jhuck, you sour little man.

Your team of single digit scorers will perish in the playoffs: just ask the Globe and Mail.

Aside from that useless tit Ference, that was a great game by the team as a whole last night...

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