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Deadline Deals Deliver

Stupid Kevin Lowe. Why didn't he get us a good goalie at the trade deadline. And what is with MacTavish and his line combinations? We need a skilled scorer who can actually put the puck in the net . . .

Oh wait, that's the rant for after Oilers losses. Turns out they won. And with style too. K-Lowe's tradeline deals stole the show, with Samsonov scoring the game-winning shootout goal, and Rollie the Goalie (new mask on head) making a spectacular diving save on Sakic to stone the Avs.

Did I mention that Calgary also lost to Dallas to cap off their wildly unsuccesful roadtrip with a record of 2-4-1.

All of this adds up to an even better race than before. Calgary is officially back in the mix. They are tied with Colorado and Anaheim (Anaheim has a game in hand over Calgary, and Calgary has a game in hand over Colorado), a mere two points up on Edmonton (with one game in hand), four points up on SJ (and SJ has a game in hand), and a measly four points up on 9th place Vancouver (with one game in hand).

Even better, is that Calgary's next game is vs LA. A Kings win might just pull them back into contention (especially if they beat Vancouver tonight) and would seriously hurt the Flames. Everyone pull out your old LA Gretzky action figures and rub them for luck.

Quotes of the Day:

Scoreboard Watching:


I was ok with your heroes winning last night; they played a pretty good game. But would it have killed you this one time to finish the deal in regulation?

And Rollie looked good in the shootout, even if he did boot out a big juicy rebound for the game tying goal.

I have to admit, I thought all along it was sort of weird that Roloson was looking like (a) an excellent first-save goalie with a weakness for rebounds in regulation and (b) crap in the shootout, where the first save is everything and rebounds don't matter. Last night's result makes more sense from that standpoint.

He still needs more support from the D in the goalmouth at even-strength, because he's still coughing up the puck a lot. Is it possible he used the team change to try breaking in all-new equipment?

Actually, I think he mentioned that his new equipment hadn't arrived yet. That is, last night might have been the first use of the new equipment.

One thing that he did mention that I found interesting, was that he was sometimes having trouble finding pucks when the Oilers d-men went down to block shots. He said that in Minnie, only the forwards would block shots. Presumably (although he didn't say this specifically) the Wild D would just get out of the way so he could see the puck and then focus on clearing rebounds.

Someone actually suggested to me the other day (can't remember who) that the reason Roloson was playing so bad was because he didn't have his own designed Oilers mask. We laughed at the idea, but right now I'll take it.

Hey Sac, how come you aren't congratulating the University of Alberta Golden Bears on their 12th University Cup hockey title? Is this not another way to highlight the superiority of the City of Champions, by congratulating the most dominant hockey program in the nation? I can't remember the last time the Dinos won anything. Do they even have an athletics program down there?


Hey, if you want to congratulate the Golden Bears and their lame mascots, do it at your own place. Keep that crap outta here.

What? You live in Edmonton, cheer for the Oilers (although an admitted late-comer to The Glory), and yet you are not willing to congratulate the majestic Golden Bears and their continued dominance of University athletics? I thought this site was devoted to the Battle of Alberta, and you were the honourable member from Edmonton-City-of-Champions? Yet you are unwilling to represent your constituents. Am I missing something?

Did anyone see that article in the Vancouver Province this past weekend about Peca basically implying he won't be playing in Edmonton next year? has a link to it and mentions it in their Hockey Hearsay, but the actual article wasn't up there.

Peca is apparently quoted as saying this has been a "difficult year" for him, and not just on the ice, and he is going to play the rest of the season "for the guys on the team and the fans."

Sounds like a player who is gone soon, no?

I can represent for Edmonton in everything except University Athletics.

Dexter is my man.

I'm sorry if this makes you feel cheated. Feel free to vote me off the island.

I TOLD you guys...

If this weblog is not to be a big fraud, someone will have to run down the record:

U of Golden Bears
Canadian university hockey champions

I'd list the Dinos' championships, but, well. It turns out there aren't any. (And, oh yeah, we're up 3-0 in basketball too.)

Peca is making excuses. His lousy play has hurt the team more than helped it, so let him walk the plank.

Excuses are like armpits. Everyone has a couple and they stink!

I have no problems letting Peca walk after this season, I just find it disturbing how he decided he would talk to the Vancouver media about it, during a a race to make the playoffs no less.

But hey, MacT must believe in him since Peca has been the 3rd shooter in the shootout in the last 2 games.

Thank you Cosh. Now, can we get back to smacking the Flames around, or what?

What about: # of 20 goal scorers on the Oilers - 5.
# of 20 goal scorers on the Flames - 2.
Do you see a difference? I see a difference. I also see an early playoff exit by the Flamers.

Ring out a cheer for our Alberta
A song of praise to Varsity.
For the splendour of our mountains
Our prairies green and gold.
Ranked beneath whose glowing colours,
Thy legions march enrolled.
Our memories will live forever
Beloved University.
We will fight for thee and cheer
And ever hold thine honour dear.
Our Alma Mater U of A

Green and gold! Quaecumque Vera!
Guide us through each coming era,
Guide us on through battle gory
To a new and greater glory.

12, baby. 12. How'd the Dinos do this year, by the way? Did they even get 12 wins on the season?

And don't pull the "Lames/Oilers only" junk, Sac. The scope of this site has long moved past something so narrow.

If my memory is correct, even the University of Lethbridge has won a hockey championship, so I guess that makes the U of C 3rd overall in the Province in hockey championships. Ouch.

and for those Red Wings fans out there, it was Mike Babcock who was the coach of the U of L hockey team when they won.

Basically...Rolo doesn't need his defenseman blocking shots and he's better without a goal stick as well;)

I'd agree he doesn't need his dmen blocking shots..I think he needs them blocking rebounds;)

As shockingly good as he was in the SO...that Dowd goal was a result of a rebound when there was simply no need for one.

>Green and gold! Quaecumque Vera!
>Guide us through each coming era,
>Guide us on through battle gory
>To a new and greater glory.

I get the feeling I had a different U of A experience.

You're supposed to mythologize this stuff after the fact, Winters. It's not like I gave a crap at the time either, though my varsity years were admittedly an awfully fallow period for everyone but the hockey team. I did take Latin with a player from the football team--man, was that ever like being in a movie. We're talking about a white nickel back trying to decline puer, puella, puellam here. I practically wanted to sob with sheer pathos every time he asked the prof a question.

I'm thinking Smytty's comment may be secretly relevant instead of merely otiose. It is possible he thinks that for most of the season, two points aren't better than one?

Any self-respecting Canadian University wouldn't have a motto in Latin, nevermind a motto that reifies "truth".

Nay, sirs, a proper University motto should be in Gaelic - Mo Shùile Togam Suas.

Plus, what's with comparing the hockey teams? CIAU/CIS hockey is just one step up from Intramurals isn't it? Seriously, don't the coaches just walk around during registration asking the tall kids if they want to play on the school team?

Why not compare proper University sports like swimming (24 CW & 11 National Championships for UofC: zero for UofA). Hey, when was the last time the UofA won anything in football? And by 'anything' I mean a game? At least they have a shiny new stadium . . . well . . . field.

But really, all of this is moot. The only relevant point is that on my watch, the UofA never won a damn thing.

Yeah, Don Horwood can suck it! (If he's retired/deceased, my apologies)

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