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Topic changing thread

I'm sick of the Tocchet thing already. The Game That Shall Be Decided in Regulation goes off at 7MT on RSN West; go ahead and discuss. Or,

If Necessary
The 5 shooters in the Canadian Olympic shootout lineup should be:


Pretty hard to argue those picks, but I might have Gagne instead of Richards or Lecavalier. I'd have Thornton as well, but only because it would piss Cosh off.

Actually, based on success in the NHL shootout, Richards and Vinny are the only guys who are locks (both 3 of 5, as I recall). The only other Canada Olympian who's above the NHL average (33.9%) is Nash (2/5).

Sakic is still 0-fer in the NHL shootout, but he's the first guy I put on the list.

What? I call bullshit. Bring up all the stats you want, I've got a Homer Simpson argument ready to throw back in your face.

What is Smytty's record. He has been pretty solid this year.

Although I could also use the Wayne Gretzky argument that it doesn't matter who's scoring this year, but rather who's done well in the past at international tournaments.

Smyth is 3 for 8 (duh, I guess that's higher than 33.9%, isn't it). Plus 2 for 2 on PS. He started pretty strong, and has been less-good recently.

What about Jarome? He's bound to get hot in the shootout sometime? Right?

Jarmoe is terrible at shootouts. I don't really get it. He can blow it by goalies from the top of the circle, but on shootouts he 1) doesn't really make any moves and 2) doesn't shoot it as hard as he normally does.

How about Phaneuf?

Ray Bourque?

Don't forget (3) he skates at about quarter-speed.

(He is 1 for 1 on PS this season, though, and I'll take him on an in-game breakaway anytime).

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No doubt, I'll take him in an in-game breakaway, too. But penalty shot, no thanks.

Smyth has really only scored 3? It sure seemed like more than that.

Where are you getting the numbers?


Everything is on the NHL Stats page, there's some separate SO categories below the regular fields.

>New Maple Leafs Blog

Maple Leaf fans that spam blogs. How nice.

Kariya's 3-for-5 too. Maybe we should have had him on there after all.

Can anyone provide an exact count of how many goals Ryan Smyth has had disallowed this year? It's got to be like 20, doesn't it? He has always led the world in this category but it's getting a little ridiculous.

Somewhere I think those stats might exist, Cosh. It was only One Year where every goal got disallowed if a player was touching the crease at all, right? I was watching a Red Wings game the following year, and the broadcasters mentioned that Tomas Holmstrom "had 18 goals disallowed last year." 2nd place was 8.

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