Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Rule 61b

Big wins for both the Flames and Oilers last night, but it sounds like the most interesting action was in Vancouver. Briefly: the Canucks took a 4-0 lead; Columbus got it back to 4-3; then Vancouver scored the last 3 goals to make it a 7-4 final.

Vancouver's 3rd thru 7th goals were all scored on the powerplay (apparently Canucks fan cstewart99 is pretty tough to please: "This team needs HUGE help on the PP. First off, the Sedins should be top line on the PP...the "big" line gets way to fancy and forget to just shoot the puck! The PP is easily one of the worst in the league...").

Again, C-Bus made it 4-3 about 2 minutes into the 3rd. Then Foote takes an interference penalty, and D. Sedin scores to make it 5-3. About 30 seconds later, Klesla high-sticks Bertuzzi and cuts him a bit: double minor.

About a minute into this PP, Bertuzzi comes back out onto the ice: no stitches, still bleeding, and assists on another goal to make it 6-3. And C-Bus coach Gerard Gallant loses it. He goes nuts. He's banging the bench door open and shut, screaming, etc. -- HONK! Two minute bench minor for "abuse of officials".

Anyway, the Jackets kill it off, fail to score on two subsequent PPs, and the rest of the period is a parade of fighting and roughing penalties.

TSN's bingo caller said that Gallant was upset that Bertuzzi was allowed to play while he was bleeding. I've been scrolling through the Rulebook, and can't find any mention of this. Anyone?

The double minor rule is actually this:
61. b. When a player carries or holds any part of his stick above the shoulders of the opponent so that injury results, the Referee shall:

(i) Assess a double minor penalty for all contact that causes an injury, whether accidental or careless, in the opinion of the Referee.

I was surprised to see that, while there are plenty of notes and interpretations strewn about the rulebook, there is no specific mention of cuts/blood here. Surprised, because for ten years, regardless of the other circumstances, it's been blood = 4 mins, no blood = 2 mins. Hasn't it?

Last note: yeah, no one likes to be too dependent on their PP to score goals, but if I was Marc Crawford, I'd be a lot more concerned about this, a quote from Markus Naslund in the CP story:
"It comes from taking penalties and giving them chances," he said. "Plus, we gave (Rick) Nash four breakaways and we've got to be careful letting guys behind our (defence)."

Ya think?


I dont know what the Oilers do to Giguere - but he SUCKS every time you play against him...

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