Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Our readers are the best!

Check out our sweet new banner! It comes courtesy of Andy Grabia over at Sports Matters.

And when I say "courtesy", I mean "unsolicited", "out of the blue", "I checked my email this morning and got a fantastic present" kind of courtesy.

Our readers really are the best.

Thanks Andy! It rules!


I concur.

Plus, damn does Edmonton look cold.

yeah, i was gonna say, the Edmonton side is missing a few more pictures.

Good thing you guys don't talk about the CFL much, or the Calgary side would be pushed right off the page...

If you look at the Oiler picture, Lowe is holding up his hand, showing 5 glorious Cup victories. Don't worry, I got my shot in.

By calling me a reader, you made me feel like a stalker. The only blogger I stalk is Solberg. His anger makes me titter.

Plus, I noticed that the dominant colour was orange . . .

Sorry about the "reader" thing. How about . . . "occasional comment contributor"?

Yes, the banner is a tad on the dark orange side. Oops.

I would prefer savant, litterateur, dilettante, belletrist, maven or even sophisticate. Which reminds me of this joke I heard once. A family walks into a booking agents office...

Is that Comic Sans? I have a distinct memory of offering to do a banner six months ago "just so you guys don't end up using something from some Comic Sans-using motherf***er."

So that is how you get even with me, eh? By attacking the choice of font? And with the lowest of low hits, too. Comic Sans. The font is not Comic Sans. It is a font called Creative Block.

Okay, I just tested both fonts out in Word. I typed in something foul about Cosh, and took a look. I have to admit, as much as it eats away at my soul, that the fonts do look a bit similar. I will correct and resend. If they fail to use the new one, don't blame me.

Is Matt alive? Did he die of catatonic shock last night?

I had no idea there was such a movement against comic sans.

In any case, just to avoid potential misunderstandings, I've switched the banner.

It looks cleaner this way anyways.

God I hate that font. It does solid comic book fonts such injustice.

Well, now I feel bad for creating such pell-mell panic, but the banner does look a thousand percent better.

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