Monday, February 13, 2006


Olympic Break Baseball Standings

In the West, Calgary and Nashville are secure to the point where they would have to play very poorly for the rest of the season to miss the playoffs, losing not only 4+ games to Anaheim but also 2+ games to four other teams below them. At least one of the 5 teams Vancouver thru Anaheim will be unspectacular in the closing schedule, which means Calgary or Nashville will have to be truly brutal to fall out.

Speaking of truly brutal, I caught a bit of the Oilers-Blues game yesterday afternoon... if you don't believe in the Hockey Gods, and that they can be vengeful, take a look back at the comment threads following the Flames SO loss to the Blues two weeks ago.

In the East, I'd say Tampa Bay is solidly in, and that Montreal won't be able to cut it. That means that last spot probably belongs to whichever of the Leafs, Bruins, and Thrashers can get it together (with some solid goaltending) over the last 7 weeks.


I've been spending my evenings trying to will Kevin Lowe to get the Oil a goalie. So far, no luck. Maybe we can get the German goalie from Women's hockey. I saw she stopped something like 53 shots agains the US...that's more saves in one game than M&M have made in the last two weeks (rimshot)

The Italian women's goalie looked pretty good against Canada, too. Sure, she let in 16 goals, but she also made FIFTY saves. And the whole game was played between the Italian hash marks and the goal line. It could have been 30-0. So, K-Lowe may want to offer her a Rheaume-ish try out, if only to motivate the other guys.

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