Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Olczyk come back! All is forgiven...

I was just getting a bit of a head start on putting together the 3rd quarter team stats, and noticed a couple of slightly surprising things. The worst teams in the NHL since Game 40:

- Philly (5-7-3)
- L.A. (6-8-3)
- Leafs (4-9-2)
And by far the most putrid:
- Pittsburgh (1-13-2): 4 points in 13 games

Brutal. Has any coach not named Robbie Ftorek ever misplayed his hand with his own team as badly as Michel Therrien?

The best teams since Game 40, to presumably no one's surprise, are Carolina, New Jersey, and Dallas. For all of Ottawa's seeming inconsistency, they're 10-3-1. And regrettably, Colorado and Vancouver have rebounded very well from terrible 2nd quarters.


I wonder how long the "LA implosion" will continue?

Sick. I really don't think anybody's beating Ottawa in the playoffs this year.

Where's the defending Stanley Cup Champs at - they seem to be on a bit of streak at 11-5-1 since the New Year? Seems like the Big Three are also turning the corner a bit respectively and Grahame might be rounding into form enough to give them some quality starts in the PO's.

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