Monday, February 06, 2006


Oiler Game Day - Anaheim

Season Record: 29-18-7 Season Record: 25-18-10


The good news is that the Mighty Ducks are no longer Mighty.

The bad news is that I don't think we can count on Giguere imploding again.

This should be a good game. Both teams are playing well, and Giggy will be out to prove that he isn't a wack-job. The big story, though, is that it is Chris Pronger almost-life-sized poster night at Rexall. For the next 10 years or so, a whole lot of bedrooms will not require painting.

No official word on who is starting in net - the Yahoo preview implies that it will be Jussi.


No real hijinx ensued at the Vancouver game. Overall it was terrific. The Oil dominated a tired Canucks team, Spacek has stepped in and become our #2 defenseman, Stoll was an automaton in the faceoff circle, LeGG got a little ornery, Quimby was great, Torres finally got a goal, and there were a whole wack of dynamite signs in the crowd:

e.g. A young couple - each with a sign.
His sign: "We're on our honeymoon!"
Her sign: "I'd still dump him for Smyth!"

I managed to meet up with JJ and the rest of the Orca crew at the game between periods -- great bunch of guys & gals. I even have photo evidence, but of course I forgot my camera at home where I am currently analog.

26 of them flew into Calgary, watched the game, then rented a school bus to come up to Edmonton for the game on Saturday. JJ said that they were all pretty sore after that ride. Apparently the back of the bus is only fun when you are in Junior High.

Thanks for coming guys -- too bad your team's heart stayed behind in Calgary.


I think the best sign of the night was "Ralph paid for these tickets."

That got the biggest round of applause, although alot of the BC people had no idea what that meant.

You're right. I totally forgot about that one.

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