Thursday, February 02, 2006


Little bits

More hilarious Theodore bashing (√ěSisu, naturally):
It's Ground Hog Day, the furry rodent came out of his hole, pulled his groin, scored three goals on Jose Theodore and went back to sleep.

Can you feel the excitement? Battle of the Titans at Savvis tonight:
Rookie Corey Crawford makes his first NHL start against the Blues tonight. Patrick Lalime is expected to start in goal for St. Louis.

This is getting repetitive, but you must check out the Razor today:
Right about here it's worth mentioning that the Stars made Ott their first round pick the previous summer, 25th overall, 24 picks after goaltender Rick DiPietro who he made his personal bitch at the WJ Tourney when Canada met the USA.

Any piece of biographical fiction that ends with Top that Paul Harvey is an instant classic as far as I'm concerned.

Finally, check out's excellent list of the 10 Greatest NHL Rookie Seasons. Did you remember that Peter and Anton Stastny both had hat-tricks in back-to-back games, or that Ray Bourque was plus-52 in his rookie year? I sure didn't.


Okay, now you just pissed me off. I still get furious thinking about Gretzky not getting the Calder, but THIRTY-ONE YEAR OLD Sergei Makarov of the Calgary Flames winning the hardware. If ever an achievement deserved an asterisk, it is this one. For both players.

Dryden's season should be higher, in my opinion. The line on that is retarded. 8 losses in a season. Man. Theodore gets that in a week.

I guess Edmonton can't score either.

I just got through pointing out over on Covered that Charlie Huddy was +63 in his rookie year. Who's Ray Bourque?

Huddy was 23 and already had 53 NHL games under his belt. Bourque was 18 and Straight Outta Verdun.

However, I'm with you that the name "Emery Edge Award" was strange but enchanting.

Wow, what a great idea for an article, SI. I wish I'd thought of it two weeks ago.

Oh, and I didn't have Gretz on the list either, but please don't crucify me.

Wow. The similarities between those two articles are . . . uncomfortable.

I tend to agree. In fact, a buddy of mine is blogging on that very topic (the, um, flattery involved) as we speak. I'll come back here and link y'all to it when he posts it.

As promised.

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