Monday, February 06, 2006


Hero to Zero

The penny has finally dropped. After months of rotating three goalies through various permutations of "conditioning stints", "groin injuries", and ECHL postings, the Oilers have finally cut loose one of their goaltenders. Sort of.

Ty Conklin, the Oilers' stated preseason #1 goaltender, has been placed on waivers. The odds of him actually getting picked up? Pretty slim.

Frankly, I'm not sure this was even the best thing to do. Was he that untradeable?

The talking heads noted that the Oilers only have 12 forwards currently and will likely need a roster spot in the near future.

The good news is that the Oilers' actual preseason #1 goaltender--Mayor Quimby--has finally secured himself a spot.


Putting someone on waivers is the way to get him traded in the new NHL. For example, see: Huselius, Kristian; or Marchant, Todd. What this does is encourage teams to put together trades to the Oil.

Prediction: Jason Smith and Ty Conklin to Montreal for Theodore. I foresee Smith getting traded, this is Pronger's team now.

Naturally Jussi goes and gets himself pulled tonight.

Let no one say that Markkanen doesn't have a sense of timing.

Quimby is simply dynamite in shootouts. I'm starting to think we should always pull Jussi if it comes down to a shootout.

Apparently the Juice was under the weather today and Morrison almost had to go in for him earlier in the evening.

That makes me feel better.

At the same time, maybe it is good that Jussi got shelled because now Mac-T will give Quimby a few starts in a row.

It is weird. Early in the season Mac-T was all about riding goaltenders until they exploded. Now he is going the exact opposite way and won't even give a winning goaltender a back to back start.

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