Friday, February 03, 2006


Go brush with greatness!

The Flames are doing their big 25th anniversary dealy tonight. As part of the fun, you can go have your picture taken with the Stanley Cup at the 'Dome (for $20 to charity).

Oiler fans: Mike Peca will be signing autographs at the Save-On-Foods in North St. Albert on Sunday. Thanks to Peter Loubardias on RSN West last night for the tip.

[Speaking of Loubardias, I like him, but he had a weird call on the Oilers' goal last night in Kevin Quinn's stead. It was something like, "Scores! Steve Staios! His first career goal against the Blue Jackets, and the Oilers lead 1-0!" I'm all for recognizing individual milestones, but HUH?]


I didn't like him. Too much banter with Ferraro while the game was in play.

Save it till the whistle blows, boys.

Have you seen OLN games? It's all BANTER. I watch a NY/Pittsburgh game and they nattered on for an entire period about milestones, pointless rehashes of NHL history.

What it tells the neutral American observer is that hockey isn't in itself interesting and that the game their watching doesn't matter.

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