Thursday, February 09, 2006


But I prefer a win in 60

I'm sure we'll get around to making (and taking) Olympic predictions eventually, but here's the NHL shootout records of the Olympic goalies (Name, Country, Shots Against/Goals Against, Save%):
Looks like Canada has a noticeable advantage in goal over everyone except Sweden (I'm assuming Kazhakstan won't make the medal round).

Rounding up the shooters is a lot more work, and probably pointless. Every team has guys who can score in the shootout; only Finland (Jokinen) and Slovakia (Balastik) appear to have a guy who is money in the bank.

(If Finland wasn't missing Kari Lehtonen in goal, they'd be the scariest shootout team. Lehtonen is perfect, and besides Jussi Jokinen's insane 8-for-8, Laaksonen, Nieminen, and Jarko Ruuttu are all 1-for-1.)


You mean a sizable advantage in the shootout, right? Because the thought of facing Hasek and Vokoun in regulation and the shootout has me wetting myself in fear.

That is what I meant, however, I'm pretty happy with Canada's goaltending otherwise as well. (Seriously - I'm just as happy with our 3 guys as I would be with Hasek & Vokoun).

Yeah, but they don't let you put all three guys in there at the same time.

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