Tuesday, January 24, 2006



Under the category Why the Flames' 7-4 Loss to Colorado Wasn't as Agonizing as it Could Have Been:

$200 - What is "Chuck Kobasew had a hat trick"?

$400 - What is "The Flames division record is still 13-4-2, and they get the Avs 4 more times, 3 of which are at home"?

$600 - What is "First game Kerry Fraser reffed all year, and as it turns out, I actually missed the guy"?

$800 - What is "Our goalie skated 190 feet to start a fight with Hardy Astrom, and may end up suspended for a game because of that instigator-in-the-last-5-minutes rule"?

$1000 - What is "My good mood after a win like last night's takes more than 24 hours and 7 GA to fade away"?

Also, the Canucks have been busy softening up the Central Division for us, and the Flames are still leading the division, with a game in hand to boot.

Also, how is it possible that the Mile High City has what seemed like the worst ice in the league?


What is, "Pat Bowlen doesn't own the Avs?"

Does anyone else find it beyond silly when goalies fight? Kind of like girls in Roller Derby.

Nice to see Vancouver drop another one.

Just ask Oilers fans how well it worked for us the last time our goalie got into a round of fisticuffs. You feel great the first couple days, until you realize his hand is broken.

Looking at the TSN highlights of this game, I was going "Wow, the Flames got facewashed AND there was a goalie fight? What is this, my birthday?"

No one in Edmonton enjoys that kind of loss as much as you did, though. Kerry Fraser's hairspray would have to catch fire or something to redeem it.

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