Sunday, January 29, 2006


Terms of Battle

On a few occasions folks have asked about various phrases used around here--especially the etymology of 'Mayor Quimby'.

In response, I thought it might be a good idea to start putting together an Official Battle of Alberta Glossary. Naturally, I'm hoping to get as much help as possible from the wittiest contributors to this forum--i.e., You, our loyal and clever readers.

Speaking of glossaries, nothing beats Jim Rome's smacktionary. If you've never read it, I highly encourage you to put aside 30 minutes or so and go through it. Some hilarious stuff.

Currently our list is pathetically small and boring in comparison. I have faith that we can improve on this.
Mayor QuimbyNickname for Oilers' goalie Mike Morrison. Derived from his amazing Bostonian accent
TommyNickname for Flame Kristian Huselius. Derived from his uncanny knack of scoring goals by pinballing the puck off of multiple bodies, sticks, etc. Explained in more detail here.
LeGGNickname for Oiler Georges Laraque. Georges is often referred to as BG on the net ("Big Georges") but someone (MikeW?) noted that it really should be in French.
Robimus Prime Pleasure Motors from Covered in Oil coined this nickname for Oilers' prospect Robbie Schremp. Personally, I like Randy's "Popcorn" better, but they are both nice.
Orbs of PowerThe secret to the Oilers' current success. Otherwise known as "Chris Prongers Balls", the orbs are often prominantly featured in Oilers Pay-Per-View broadcasts. Coined by Cosh. (Banished In Shame)
JarmoeThe guy who is currently wearing #12 for the Flames. He looks like Iggy, he talks like Iggy, he draws Iggy's hugely bloated salary, but he sure doesn't play like Iggy.
The world wide collection of Oilers blogs. Coined by Madcrutch.
To be kept away from the other team's star players. E.g., Darryl Sutter phaneufed Dion Phaneuf against the Edmonton Oilers by playing him exclusively against Michael Peca's line. First used by Vic Ferrari from IoF.


Yeah, I don't know anything about HTML formatting (see my site for backup of that), but you forgot to mention that this Jarmoe also collects a paycheque like Iggy.

The "Orbs of Power" thing kills me every time I read it :P

The "Orbs of Power" thing kills me every time I read it :P

I always wonder if players ever read this stuff. I'm not sure how I'd react to this if I was Pronger.




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