Monday, January 23, 2006


Register Your Vote -- it's BoA Night!

Well, it is that time of year again.

The time when competing ideologies run smack into one another. When the forces of light meet the forces of dark. When our fearless leaders put their credibility on the line. No, friends, we're not talking about the Federal Election; we're talking about the infinitely more compelling Battle of Alberta. Both events are televised, but only one is worth watching.

It is the sixth time these teams have met this year, with the 3-2 edge going to the Calgarians.

The Flames are 5 up in the standings and currently sit atop the NW division. For Oilers fans, the difference between 3-down vs 7-down after tonight is stark.

The good news is that the Oilers have lit up Kiprusoff for 5 goals in each of the last two games. Sadly, the Flames scored 6 in the New Year's Eve game. I don't see the horsemen scoring that many tonight. I don't know who gets the nod in net for Edmonton - probably the Mayor - but either way I'm confident that the goaltending will be there.

For all you lurkers out there, the time for fence sitting is over; it's time to stuff the ballot box: Oilers or Flames.

Game Prediction: 4-2 Oilers, with an empty netter. Laraque extends his scoring streak and gets the game winnah!

Election Prediction: a whopping 71% of eligible BoA readers will support the Oilers


3-0 Oilers. Morrisson gets the shut out. Pronger, Moreau and Hemsky with the goals.

4-3 Oilers, with Tony Amonte leaving the Flames bench, putting on an Oiler Jersey, and scoring the game winning goal.

After the game, he tells reporters that his decision was "purely based on principle and ideology."

The only place the Red are losing in Edmonton tonight is Edmonton center. 4-0 Flames. None of the Oilers can solve Kipper, and the rejuvenated Iginla scores all 4 goals.

Hey, it's no goofier than any of these other predictions.

Prediction - A great game. A close game. The outcome will have Calgary running the country... er, I mean, uh, a 4-3 win for the flaming horse heads.

The Oilers have been saving everything, including Quimby, for this one. A 6-1 victory for Alberta's original and true pro hockey team. Not so sure about that Edmonton Centre thing, sadly.

Colby, speaking of Edmonton Centre, what the hell is going on up there, in regards to voter registraition fraud? I read something about people using truck stops, mail box stores, and non-existant buildings as their home addresses so they can vote twice.

I'd say 3-1 in favour of Calgary. Conklin gets the start but gets yanked after allowing all three goals in the first.

Flames win 5-3 with Iginla planting a pair and kobasew getting one. Oilers yank their goalie mid-way through the second, and the conservatives win 148 seats.

After an Oiler start down 2-0 they come back to win 4-3, Raffi scores the winner... Go Oil

The Conservative campaign discovered about 72 hours before the election that there were a lot of obviously wrong, non-residential addresses on the electors' list. Elections Canada says the problems are holdovers from when the registry was first compiled (partly from tax records, which would explain why there are small businesses on there). Nobody knows if any party has taken advantage of the false records. Well, I guess we know the Tories aren't, because they're just finding out about this in their fourth attempt to get rid of McLellan, even though they were provided with the list weeks before the election.

Thanks Colby. That info helps a little, as I'm now registering again for this BoA election under the name "jh". Flames will win 4-3.

Flames 3-2
Conservatives sweep Alberta and win 123 seats overall.
Paul Martin and Craig MacTavish will both resign before May.

Why all these rumours that MacTavish around here? The over-achieving oilers would be very average without good coaching (notwithstanding the goaltending sitch)

The blue team will sweep both the BoA and Alberta ridings tonight. The red team might get one goal in each contest, but probably not. The funny-looking guys with the orange stripes might interfere with the contest at one point in the game in front of a place with a majority of fans who live near the U of A, but will not succeed in doing so. Despite scorn heaped upon them by a majority of both blue and red supporters, they won't determine any goals, though for some strange reason people will call them the 'conscience' of these battles. 2-0 blue in BoA, 28-0 blue in the province as a whole.

Oilers win 6-3, and once again no Flamer attempts to fight Big Georges. So, during second intermission when it is announced that the Conservatives have won a majority government (156 seats) BG pulls out a Flames fan who looks like Paul Martin, and pummels him for a good ten minutes.

Mysteriously, during his concession speech, Paul Martin sports two black eyes.

And Anne McClellan will lose her seat. She will lose it by a large margin, people will be shocked. She will then what all Flames fans know only too well, the bitter taste of defeat.

4-2 Flames. Mayors aren't supposed to wear glass slippers, and tonight Morrison discovers his no longer fit.

Oilers 3-2. Smyth, Stoll, and Bergeron.

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