Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Oilers Game Day - Blackhawks + Canada vs. Finland

[Update]: I forgot, it is another double dip tonight with Canada going up against Finland before (and during) the Oilers game -- get your remote finger warmed up.

Season Record: 21-14-4 Season Record: 13-21-4



Chicago has lost 7 in a row and I don't see their streak ending in Edmonton given that they played a tough game in Calgary last night.

Of course, 2 of Chicago's 13 wins were versus the Oilers so one never knows.

Prediction: 5-0 Edmonton. Laraque, Stoll, Bergeron, Hemsky (2)

I don't even care who goes in net. It's going to be a shutout.

Canada beat the Finns in their tournament opener 5-1, but have had trouble scoring goals since then. It should be a good game - the Finnish goaltender was unbelievable against Sweden last night, stopping 53 shots to get a shutout.

Prediction: 3-2 Canada in OT


Ha! I fear the only way the Oilers will get a shutout this season is if they pull their goalie and let Bergeron and Smith stand in the crease blocking shots all night.

I'm treating this game as a test. Losing two to Chicago is one thing; losing a third when you're trying to reel in Calgary is another. Let's face it, there are no excuses available tonight.

Do you believe in miracles? They're pouring off the bench to congratulate Conky!

Looks like Lars just won the Foot-in-Mouth prize for '05-'06.

Yes sir. After half the season, I finally nail a prediction (mostly).

I think this is it friends, our goaltenders are now going to go on a tear like you have never seen.

"our goaltenders are now going to go on a tear like you have never seen"

Bwaaahahahahaha. Nice.

Let the record show that Saccers waited all of 13 minutes before deciding to open his big yap and jinx Conky & Co.

Conko the Clown and Hardy Astrom Jr. had shutouts on the same night? That explains why I saw that cat & dog making out on my front lawn.

I am so proud of the oilers. They battled hard all year. I felt that there luck just ran out and carolina was just a better team.

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