Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Nickname Update

I've disappointed myself for three full months now with my inability to come up with any kind of nickname for Dion Phaneuf (I have no idea if 'Neufy' caught on in the Flames dressing room, nor do I really want to know). However, I was blinded by a flash of inspiration in the aftermath of the Blackhawks game on Monday regarding a different player.
Finally: Huselius basically never shows any emotion on his face whatsover, or says anything. Not when he scores, not when he's skating to the penalty box, never. So, how does this go again:
He plays by intuition
The digit counters fall
That deaf, dumb and blind kid
Sure plays a mean pinball

Hockey fans, I give you Kristian "Tommy" Huselius. You're welcome. How do you think he does it? (I don't know...)


I've been calling the kid by his onomastically correct name--Farnsworth. I think it somehow suits his size and lunkish physiognomy.

I thought for sure you were leaning towards "Banky." And not just because his parents work in a bank.

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