Thursday, January 19, 2006


More Oilers Goalie Speculation - for Peter

Just to drive Peter crazy, I'm going to start another thread on the Oilers goaltending situation to report that da Bruins have apparently claimed goalie Craig Anderson off of waivers from Chicago.

I don't like that. How can we unload Conky on them if they already have a terrible backup?


Hey, Eklund is reporting Raycroft to Edmonton for Torres and Conklin.

That means it must be true. I'd link to him, but I already showered today.

[I] go to da box. [I] feel shame.

Official Bruins press release here

Torres? Man, my son will be devastated.

The Boston Globe reports that the Bruins left Raycroft at home today.

Nothing else on Spector's trade rumours.

Please change the name of this blog to 'The Oilers Goalie Blog - All Goalies All the Time'.

Maybe on Monday, when the Flames and the Oilers tango again, we can put this discussion aside for a day?

As an aside, I reckon if Eklund says it, it is pretty clear the one goalie you are not getting is Raycroft and that Conklin and Torres are not going anyplace.

Screw Raycroft. The guy we need is this Tim Thomas character.

Screw Thomas. I say we keep this Quimby character.

I have to admit, I was so happy just to hear the mayor's voice on the radio yesterday. Ah yeah, this is a wicked great lockah room. The fellahs heah ah finest kind. The suppawt ya get from them is real tawp-nawtch. Looks like we're back in Camelot for now.

Yea, I think despite two brutal starts where MacT yanked him Morrison is probably still the strongest goalie on the fundamentals that we have. As far as I can tell Quimby has played 10 minutes of bad hockey so far this year, as opposed to the amount of bad hockey that say Ty Conklin has played which if we wanted to make bad hockey equal to "x" and minutes played equal to y, we could express the profound suckiness of Conklin as x=y.

That being said, I keep waiting for Lowe to come around and trade Lowe for a bag of pucks. I mean he was willing to trade Semenov away for a fifth round draft pick. Semenov at least had some redeeming qualities to him beyond the fact he already had his own porno name. And we were willing to send him down the river fast enough, why can't we trade Ty? Or put him on waivers? Maybe the Blues would pick him up and pick up his salary and free up some cap space for us.

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