Monday, January 16, 2006


Familiar territory

And suddenly, the 9th-place San Jose Sharks are only 6 points behind the Oilers with 3 games in hand. Oh, me-oh-me-oh my! Also, being .500 at home is not a marker of a guaranteed playoff team.

If the only the poor EIG had had, say, $4M to spend this past offseason to acquire a top goalie. Damn runaway player salaries! It is to weep.

[P.S. I have to go "earn" a "living" for a few days, and appearances here will be sparse. I expect Peter, jhuck, Dirk, and the rest of you good Flames fans to ensure the loo-sahs don't take it over with their depraved rantings about MacT and the goalies. Late.]


So does this mean you won't be obsessive-compulsively posting about Mike Peca for a few days? Phew!

(Also, Iginla at 7 MILLION DOLLARS: 45 GP, 35 PTS.)

Miikka Kiprusoff at $2.9M: 40GP, 23W, 6SO. Hey, this is fun!

"5 cups. We got 5 cups. Look at all the banners... blah blah and etc."

The Oil faithful have been carping about their 5 cups almost as long as the Senators faithful have been carping about theirs. It ain't 1985 anymore.

Go Flames

Jason Smith, 2 for instigating, 5 for fighting and a 10 min misconduct for protecting a team mate.

Jarome Iginla, what does he do again? :P

The southern contingent can feel free to laugh about this, but I enjoyed every minute of the Oiler loss to the Sabres. It's sick, but we were losing a game honestly for once, because of dragass and dumb penalties, in front of a decent goaltending performance. We have a chance in any game where we hold the opposition to three goals, which you guys (a) know perfectly well and (b) can't say of your own club. Calgary has earned its cushion but can still be reeled in awful fast.

It's true that evidence of Kiprusoff's supposed chronic injury has been slow to emerge, but I still don't see how you can ignore the sword of Damocles suspended over your heads. Why's the Ginger-Haired Cunt taking a break if he's not hurt, and what kind of form is he going to be in when the league restarts? Is this an inquiry you have the remotest interest in? I wonder if you Flames fans have had the chance to develop a proper spider-sense--always keep in mind that those five Cups came packaged with two of the ten worst Stomach Punch defeats in the entire history of professional sport. In terms of the full panoply of karmic experience, we are approximately a million years older than you.

re: 5 Cups to 1

Sometime this year, when you are out for a drive, look at the drivers around you. Some of those drivers were NOT EVEN BORN when you won your last cup.

"Ginger-Haired ...."

Oh my God. Cosh, you've obviously seen the "Ginger Kids" episode of South Park....


"The kids are presenting their reports in front of the class and Cartman’s topic is “Ginger Kids - Children with Red Hair, Light Skin and Freckles.” He says that these kids suffer from “Gingervitus,” which occurs because Ginger Kids have no souls and cannot be cured. Like vampires the Ginger Kids need to avoid the sun and don’t go out during the day. Kyle interrupts and says that he has red hair and he goes outside. Cartman counters by classifying those with red hair, but no light skin and freckles as “DAYWALKERS,” using a picture of Kyle as an example."

The video is freekin' hilarious...

regarding Stanley cup wins - The lapsed time from those Cup wins is officially described as "decades ago". Penguins and Islanders fans are also reminiscing about how good it used to be. Cool.

Iginla is on pace to match his points from the last played season, which is a good indication that he might also match his fucking dominant, wrecking ball-like preformance from those playoffs.

Bold predictions from the man who thought Chuck Kobasew was going to be an Art Ross candidate are always appreciated.

>Iginla is on pace to match his points from the last played season

No, he isn't.

>which is a good indication that he might also match his fucking dominant, wrecking ball-like preformance from those playoffs.

Flames fans are starting to sound worried, aren't they?

Wait a minute. Just back up the bus. I am forced by history to put up with the whole 5 cups in the last century blah blah but I will not have the Oiler faithful laying claim to the greatest heartbreaks ever. Sure, Steve Smith in '86 was pretty sweet (I can't think of what your other historic stomach punch might be), but you can't hope to match my playoff heartbreak from 1990-96. If you're karmically a million years old, we're karmically a jillion kazillion years old.

You can act like crazy old men with your pants cinched around your nipples, chasing those damn kids from your lawn and gloating about your cups, but you can't take this away from me.

2003/2004 after 45 games, Iggy had 18 goals and 21 assists for 39 points.

2005/2006 after 45 games, Iggy has 19 goals and 16 assists for 35 points.

4 points off. So sue me. At least we're now talking about hockey in this decade.

Flames scoring is up 7%, not 20%.

Scoring is up for regular strength (which Iggy is getting less of), and not for power play time. This was recently discussed on this site.

This is all moot because it's the teams which are NOT in first, or second, or even third in their division that are pissed at their players for not playing their worth. Each team gets to spend $39 mil. Whoever ends up with the most points obviously spent their money the wisest. So far, it's money well spent in Calgary.

"Whoever ends up with the most points obviously spent their money the wisest."

yeah ,yeah

It's obviously "whoever wins the Cup spent the wisest". Just ask St. Loius.

I think jhuck just took logic and used it to break math's head open. But at least he probably does know about the "Miracle" on Manchester.

Oh, that stomach punch loss.

The 'Miracle' game was also pretty sweet, but it was not a series' clinching game, so I wouldn't accord it 'top ten stomach punch losses in sports history' status.

Top 100, maybe.

Trust me, it was a series-clinching game, even though it wasn't. And cheering for a team that just sucks doesn't equate to "playoff heartbreak."

'sucks' is a bit harsh. The '90 Flames, much like your beloved '86 Oilers were huge favorites to win the Cup. Then they swallowed the olive in the first round, absorbing the first of several overtime stomach punch-ish playoff exits. (The worst was the Pavel Bure one ... no wait the esa Tikkanen one ... no wait ... they were all pretty awful).

My original point was that the Oilers were blessed in the 80s. You'd need to drink much more deeply from the agony of defeat cup before that was ever karmically in balance.

Did I mention the Gretzky trade? Guess not. Feel free to explain to me all about how that wasn't an all-time karma-balancing moment.

That was a bad moment for Oilers fans, for sure, but you went on and somehow won the Cup in 1990 without the Great One. And that was the Flames Cup to lose. Which, of course, they did.

It just seems that for 5 cups you should have to suffer more than you have. Lord knows how much the Flames faithful have suffered in the years since our (ONE) cup.

I can't believe it has come to this: Not satisfied with gloating over our own teams we have turned to arguing about which of us has suffered more.

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